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Well they came to her all affairs. And the second guy not destiny kind of. Well Lenka calls me and speaks... such affairs, my Leshka arrived... to visit on a visit and that there one more boy and that me have nothing to stay at home and that it is possible a little bit will relax. We will sit we will drink neuzloupotrebly. Well I thought and agreed. I arrived to Lenka about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, well I came as usual. And she already in the apartment says to me that with her Lesha there arrived one more guy, call Ruslan. When I came I saw Leshka, well I still saw him earlier, and Ruslana, I can't tell that he was some model there, but was pumped up also a constitution sports. As then I praised his Lesh that Ruslan, did athletics earlier, and even I won somehow first place in competitions. Leshka was dressed in jeans trousers and a t-shirt, and Ruslan was in a dark sports suit which as I about myself noticed very much to him went. The conversation was somehow struck up Leshka at once in general big gramoty with girls is able to communicate and amuse and make laugh, Ruslan said less. Lenka told that guys brought a lot of vodka and that it is necessary to drink it that she wasn't gone :) I in general don't love vodka... but Leshka of a padlyuk tried to persuade :) he is able... Here. Then I remember that sat and saw, watched TV, there showed the New Russian grandmas... and so on... well we drank stirred and incredible amount of time laughed. On the street and darkened, Lenka to a poskolzh lives separately from parents, leads very independent and free life, but likely after all loves Leshka. When we at last were tired extremely Lena told that I can quite spend the night at her. I was so drunk that solved согласиль, but she told me what she occupies to Lesh :) because missed with him. And that we are people decent and nothing will be bad if I with Ruslan lie down on a folding sofa in other room. It is necessary to tell that Ruslan when drank became less modest. From time to time I looked at me. I know such views... estimating. Then they with Lesha went something there consulted, and we were told that type a trade wind. As a result of Lena went with Lesha to the bedroom... what they were engaged there in wasn't difficult to guess because Lenka moaned and the bed creaked rhythmically as it isn't banal. And I to Ruslan say that. what give I at first I will climb under a blanket and then he will come... and he to me - well you what small what you hesitate of... Vika... I tried to persuade I came I undressed well... and he told that he can sleep dressed if only I wasn't confused... well we lie... darkly... behind a thin wall it is heard as Lesh fucks Lena... suddenly I feel me Ruslan begins begins to touch for a boob... I pretended that I type fell asleep... he thought will cease. but far from it... he touched me for my breasts. also I went руокй down..... I began me to touch there.... then I understood finally that I don't sleep..... then the hand I took my hand... I kissed.... also I dragged on the... to a t-shirt..... so my marigold obviously somewhere tore it a little.... I dragged my handle in the trousers.... also I made so that I took in a palm in a cam his penis.... and he took in a cam and squeezed my fingers on the dick too and moved a little kind of jerking off my hand..... his dick.... (excuse if it is indecent)... yes his dick.... I stood as a stake... it was I won't tell that thick but the long....... then it began to touch me to a vezda.... I began to moan barely audible I was tired... he understood... also I undertook an initiative.... he at first laid down from above and all this under a blanket..... also the dick began to rub about me without taking off sports pants yet.... then whispers..... well what you break.... as small.... (and I thought..... yes what to think now... to relax so to relax). Well well he managed to take off the trousers and a t-shirt, then remained in some swimming trunks.... too I removed them.... I began to undress me..... I took off a blouse. also I began to bite my tit..... I told that I am a cool girl.... that it is all evening me as saw wanted. I told that Lesh I told him that I have nobody, and so on.... Then he told that I put a small pillow above.... also I began standing on knees on a sofa to stick to me the dick... in a mouth.... it it is so erotic..... and quietly I moaned a bass.... - and... and... then I began to accelerate.... also I put so I thought what will throw up therefore clasped his dick with the handle and controlled process. If I was sober I something can for decency and I told..... but I was sleepy and drunk..... he told that he wants to terminate to me in a pizdenechka.... I asked whether I want... that he to me sunat there.... I silently agreed.... then he pulled me for hips a little down a pillow.... he the legs climbed between mine and moved apart them.... I took at first was I raised them and I placed but then to bend in knees.... that it was more convenient to me..... he began to be attached.... even it was interesting to me... to feel his elda at itself in a pussycat. He didn't hurry at first rumpled to me a sponge hand..... then the dick put... I felt what this stick hot and firm as a stake..... it took совй a dick in a hand from the basis and knocked to me on a front.... then a finger I groped a hole.... also I began to enter...... I even post-anal.... that probably it was pleasant to it.... I clasped with legs for his hips. And in such situation he began to fuck me...... it was dark.... but I will forever remember... as he quietly a bass moaned. - and.... yes...... and.... then silently I fucked...... then again..... I was awfully made horney, I so understood that Lenka guessed..... she even spied a pomoyma at some point.... because at them it was silent.... also it was heard as someone went to a toilet to be washed away... And Ruslan fucked me... to him no matter was....... I fucked I should admit not bad it was pleasant... especially.... well likely not to present you what it to lie under the athlete... when he has almost everywhere muscles.... :) it very much gets..... then he razmernut me on a tummy... and too расствив legs I fucked...... about the daddy I didn't offer....... and here Leshk the stallion obviously potrakhat Lena in a bottom.... because to be washed away went in turn... at first probably Leshka I so think the dick washed... and then Lenochka was long washed away. Lenk's truth said to me that Leshka брезгун and in a bottom fucks only through a condom. here. And Ruslan terminated to me in a pizda.... at that moment when I lay on a tummy and he from above on me and his divzheniye were very fast and he besides drove in me the dick so also pressed down to a sofa the pubis with such force that mine the daddy even to be ill the beginnings was.... but then I felt as he cums..... I was protected..... he fucked me in a condom too. I thought, what will be so more best. He when cumed with a bigger intensivnosivnost... I began to beat with the dick to me in кисю... so she began to be ill.... also I groaned as an animal - an aaaaaaaaa...... then postpenno movements began to be diminished..... he laid down on me without taking out a dick.... for about a minute. then I took out. also I told that I am cool... and that I am super... and what at me is narrow inside and it was pleasant to him... then he admitted to me that he fucked one girl somehow and that she had his dick as in a bucket.... that she it was visible such razjebany... Then at night Ruslan still caressed me... and we 2 more times potrakhatsya... and at daybreak hours in 5 I asked to suck off to me to him... Lena too not strongly that slept with Lesha.:) There is such history...