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The physics, chemistry and mathematics came to me easily, I was always shipped in science and for many years was ahead of the peers. I threw the university for the reason that teachers were sillier than me. I earned the considerable sum of money from patents, bought the house on the outskirts of the remote village, equipped to myself laboratory there and made experiments of different sense. In the last I achieved considerable progress in the field of management of consciousness. The prototype was built, successfully tested on mice and experiences over people were the following step. Where to find optimum experimental? And someone will become optimum control group? I needed men and women of different age. And they have to be connected among themselves emotionally that in case of a successful current of an experiment I could test limit of obedience at once. Well and what a sin to conceal, human emotions weren't alien to me therefore I wanted to revenge someone from the ill-wishers, and they for last years collected enough. Touching options in the head, I remembered about the messmate and his nasty family. Mischa was a hooligan and constantly lifted up me, his drunkard the father once threatened me and offended in the face of my parents, and his mother, in appearance the decent Christian, in practice was an angry shrew who screened the sonny before teachers and directors. Also Mischa had younger sister, her likely years 18 or 19 now, the good girl, was pleasant even to me, but she considered me the loony too and didn't want to walk with me. Mischa was about 25 years old, as well as me now, his mother about 45, and the father slightly for 50. Great control group. How to entice them to itself? Easily, money. There was to hang up on their entrance an announcement of testing of new medicine enough, to prove truthfulness, having thrown off a solid deposit on the card and to wait for them. In two days I on cams saw how they leave rusty "nine" at my house, pass in automatically opened gate, then come the house and stand in the hall, stupidly looking around. I included Intercom and by the changed voice greeted them and asked to pass at a door on the right. This door conducted in my laboratory which is closed outside and having a unilateral mirror as in the American detectives in rooms for interrogations. Here they also got. I slammed behind them doors and started a prototype. The car hooted, all family began to clutch at the head and to exchange glances scaredly. A couple of words about each guest. The thin daughter Alyona arrived in the beautiful fitting white dress well emphasizing her slender legs, a waist and a small breast. Wash a sports constitution the foe Mischa in jeans and a dirty t-shirt. Their mother, slightly plump, but quite attractive to the years, was dressed in a black sundress. And the father, surprisingly sober, as thin as a rake from the constant use, stood in trousers and the greased shirt. I turned on the microphone and laboratory filled my voice: – I welcome you at the historical moment. You became witnesses of a unique event, the first experiment on control over reason is successfully begun. Please, raise two hands up. In an odnochastya four pairs of hands soared up into air. In their eyes the horror was reflected. According to my team they squatted, gave themselves slaps in the face, somersaulted, was obedient puppets. At the same time they remained completely in consciousness, but watched the actions as the indifferent audience. I even team could force them to be silent or repeat the set phrases. The experiment went much more successfully, than I could plan, no side effects were observed. The passion of the scientist inflamed in me. My car is so effective? What can I force them to do? I ordered "Stand" and they froze. My pride leaped and I decided to leave to them. Having taken the portable command device, I left viewing and came to them into laboratory. – Well I will greet now closer. Recognized me? Do you remember that nutty and crazy boy obsessed with demons? Now we will look which of us abnormal. Let's record the events that you had then no desire to do much harm to me. All the same nobody will believe you in fairy tales about control of reason. I got the video camera from a box and established opposite to them, pressed "Rec". I approached them standing as statues. I ordered to get up in a circle at step distance from each other. I began with youngest: looking her in eyes, I ran a hand over a cheek, ran a middle finger over chubby lips and implanted a finger into a mouth, then the same finger, moist from saliva, got into panties and several minutes fucked her a smooth pizda until she began to become wet. Having smeared fingers in her juice, I passed to Mischa and implanted these fingers to him into a mouth, ordering to lick them. He with disgust and hatred in eyes obediently made it. I looked round family, at all in eyes the rage mixed with the strongest fear was seen. – Well, Mikh, I hope to you your sister on taste was pleasant. Interestingly, and I can force him to be made horney by team? I give him and to his father team to take off trousers and to begin to jerk off slowly to itself. In a couple of minutes they get themselves. Mikhi have a shaved dick of centimeters 15 in length, and at his dryshchavy father the healthy bolt of centimeters is 5 more, but with nasty thickets on a pubis. – Good fellows, men, you jerk off on the beauties. I approach mummy, "aunt Sveta", and backhand I slap it on boobs. I pull off from it a dress shoulder-strap, baring the top half of a trunk. Once this breast was beautiful, but now it is a podobvisla and I already began to screw up the face. Roughly I squeeze her breast, I bypass behind, I slap several times on a bum. – Alyona, give too take off a dress. Not in forces to resist, she takes off the white dress through the head and throws it on a floor, remaining in beautiful white linen. She by order of several times turns around round its pivot-center, bends a crustacean, showing me and the relatives a smart figure of the 18-year-old long-legged sportswoman. Devices show that Mikh with father begin to resist, try to look away and cease to jerk off. Хм, it is necessary to increase a little the power of the radiator and to calibrate it. – So, let's share on couples and we will look what dances you are ready to dance to my tune. Alyona, you go to the daddy, and Mischa – to mother. Ladies – on knees, vividly. Now indicators of heartbeat begin to read off scale at all, they яро resist will of my device, sweat, veins on foreheads are blown up, but step by step they move, kneel and utykatsya practically by persons in horney phalli of the relatives. – To listen to team. To open for ladies more widely mouths and to take away hands for a back. Muzhichinam to put hands on the heads the darling and to begin to fuck mouths. And it is obligatory for partner to look in the face, not to look away. Oh, what this was the fascinating picture. The dick in my trousers stood a stake for a long time, but science first of all. The aunt Sveta fought grudm about Mischa's hips and was stuck by a mouth on a dick of the son, and in a step from them magnificent Alyona choked with the fat device of the father. Sensors showed that at this moment it became much more pleasant to men, than to their partners – after all biology you won't deceive. I admired Alyona, her fine-molded buttocks in translucent panties, with her I will work personally. – So, men, we accelerate and we show to ladies as far as they qualitatively work the lips. We cum on faces and then we don't forget to look in the cam, history has to remember everything. At Mischa and his father eyes from pleasure are rolled up, they already don't even resist. If I switch-off the control unit now, then all of them equally would finish process. With a difference in half-minute they begin to publish groans, the first the dick from a mouth of the daughter is got by the uncle Tolya and fills in her lovely face with sharp cheekbones a viscous cum. And then and Mishka with the shivering legs waters cheeks and lips of the mother with a large number of a seed. I already am specifically brought, I continue to remove indicators, but to get off a mind of sex harder and harder. I order all to strip to the skin and become back in a circle. My family of puppets looks already shabby. At women on a face and a breast the cum flows down, men pant, their dicks lose an erection again. After an orgasm at Mischa and the uncle Toli the level of rage grew almost twice as it always happens: after an ejaculation you test a strong shame and disgust. But girls, on the contrary, morally broke and just suffered. So what to do next? I precisely want to be engaged in Alyona, she didn't want to kiss me at school, now I will return her a debt a hundredfold. Perhaps, time for the best group sex in the history of the world of perverts came. – So, misters, I will go I will check and I will correct cams, and you, girls until return a tone to the men. Alyona, you suck to the brother, and you, Mischa, conjure in turn a uvula over the dick of the darling of daddy. And you, the aunt Sveta, can just admire and trifle the pizdenka. Returning in 10 minutes I see that men again fully equipped. Alyona it is indifferent the second dick in a row sucks, and Mischa with even big disgust tries to find room for a huge bolt of the father in a mouth. – We will arrange finally an engine and I, perhaps, will allow to go home you. Be not afraid, I will pay the promised money to you. I not some threw. Alenochka, please, become a crustacean on a couch. And you, mummy, on the same couch a crustacean on the other hand, face to face with the daughter. Here so, perfectly. Mischa, if you please, approach mother behind.