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And here I was just lucky: parents went according to the permit abroad, brought a heap of gifts and among them the whole packing of tights (it is natural not to me) and I decided to borrow a couple (them was very much, for about 5 years probably that I hoped - nobody will notice). I had own new black kolgotochka! Naturally, at the first opportunity I dressed them on myself... it so it was pleasant to me that I practically didn't remove them. And here so once, having put on my favourite tights under the panties, I went to school. And it is necessary to tell that then under, allegedly mother's pressure, I often for heat dressed her gaiters or warm tights under trousers, but black and transparent - never. And I already so got used to them that arousing novelty took place, there was only a pleasant languor from a thought of my secret... After lessons I came into a toilet and without doubting at all lowered panties, delayed kolgotochka and began to write. And it is necessary to tell that I had in those days (and it is the 7th class) a good companion, Andrey with whom we often played, did homework, just stirred including on sexual subjects. Here he that also came into a toilet to call with me to itself to do homework. I responded to his call turned to it, buttoning trousers... He attentively looked at me, even slightly reddened, Nov, frankly speaking didn't pay any attention to it. He couldn't see tights, and for the rest at me not былдо the reasons to worry. It appears in vain...... Lessons are made. Tea. offered by the companion it is drunk and I began to gather home. And here when I began to say goodbye, Andrey quietly so, having hung the head asks to show that at me is dressed under trousers... It is difficult to describe nervousness and fear which captured me so suddenly as far as I was sure that he saw nothing... And if not his shivering voice, I, probably. just shamefully I ran away, thinking how to justify oneself... But his voice... and a hand which stretched to my trousers (and more - the door locked, hanging at it on a neck) held me. I stiffened as in tetanus, having absolutely freely allowed to pull together from myself trousers and thinking only of that: he will let out in a class or not. I was brought by his enthusiastic voice round: "Now that's something like it! You as REAL girl. And me mother only allows to carry warm". I opened eyes. Andrey in admiration examined my tights and sadly looked at the old gaiters (when he managed to take off the trousers?).-Listen, I have pictures with naked girls in tights here...-and he dashed away to the neighboring room. - Here look, in same! And it is possible I will touch you? - and without waiting for the answer I began to caress my legs... And it is necessary to recognize that we of course stared at girls in a class, but with someone or it is even simple to touch sex... before we didn't grow yet therefore, I think and the mad thought which however was quite answering to my desires came to his mind: - And you want, I from belongings of the sister will give something to you? Will you dress, and?. And we with him even onanism together weren't engaged!. I broke for decency, and then with pleasure got into a short school dress of the sister of Andrey. Mother's shoes and lipstick were the following. I then carried hair long so all in a couple of minutes my delighted companion was faced by the nice schoolgirl, the truth without breast, but with the long slender legs tightened in black tights. - You are the real girl...-Andrey's voice unexpectedly became hoarse, and the hand stretched to me under a short skirt. My voice not that became hoarse, and weakened absolutely, differently how to explain that I silently stood and didn't even try to povozmushchatsya for decency while hands of the companion rummaged on my body. And only when they too for a long time lingered on my buttocks, and I felt that just about my dick will soil tights, I was removed... In a throat dried up, heart beat as mad, the dick was ready to explode, and I still was afraid to answer the companion. One business to joke, laugh, and absolutely another - to bring a game to the serious end, suddenly will let out, suddenly will laugh... However, while I tried to recover, Andrey undressed, and now directly I was faced by the naked guy with an intense dick. It wasn't similar that he will translate then all this for fun. And I was so made horney (and actually long ago I dreamed and I dreamed on this subject) that resolutely I moved closer to Andrey, the dick took in the hand and I began to stroke him slightly. Andrey without doubting at all I turned me to myself a bottom, I lowered a little tights, I began to rumple and feel my rather chubby bottom. Then his hands got over to me on a stomach, went down to the dick... And here both of us without turning on anything attention any more, we pull a drugdrug dicks, we groan, we twitch, we puff... Here, воооот! Daaaa! We terminated almost at the same time. Tights and a dress were hopelessly splashed with his and my cum. A thought that the sister can come soon, and her dress in such look quickly cooled our heads. Andrey rushed with him to the bathroom, and I slowly began to change clothes. It would be desirable, of course to write that we did each other a blowjob, fucked in buttocks, and then also his sister joined us... But what not former that wasn't. However is only the first my, almost true story, in others - will be that - that another, I hope quite fascinating, and, above all, the taking place actually to happen to me. And with Andrey we often plaid about then disguise (he, by the way, too tried), but further mutual masturbation business didn't go. In a couple of years he moved to other area and, the good fellow, didn't let out to anybody. And I here, such not good.