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The boy quickly slipped by the woman Zina, on the run lowered trousers and, hardly managed to sit down on "push" as the maintenance of his intestines with loud break wind escaped outside. The bathroom door hurriedly remained open and the woman Zina could observe through them on the emptied grandson. "What you happy, Zhenechka - sat down and at once did a poo! And I already suffer the third day in a row, I sit in the bathroom on half an hour and I can squeeze out nothing from myself!", the woman complained. "Women, but it means that you should do an enema!", Zhenya exclaimed. "Yes, probably it is necessary, otherwise I won't do a poo!", his grandmother reluctantly agreed. Then she asked: "And you, Zhenechka, will help me in this case?". "Of course, I will help!", the grandson answered. "Well, all right, you stop crapping here, and I will go to prepare for myself water for an enema!", the grandmother answered. Zhenya felt as his heart was clogged in a mad rhythm. He hadn't to help someone to do not to time an enema yet. He remembered that about half a year ago the woman Zina had a lock too and did her an enema, but then his mother took part in it, and he was ruthlessly exposed behind a door and let in the room only when the woman Zina was already a proklizmovana and having done a poo, and mother took out a bucket with the maintenance of intestines of the woman to the yard, and the woman Zina already washed the device for an enema. This time mother was having gone to the city and promised will return not soon, and both of them with the woman Zina lived the second week on the village. So, the woman had nobody to ask in assistants to make to herself an enema as soon as the grandson Zhenya. In due time the grandmother with the daughter - Zhenya's mother - several times were the boy's klizmovavsh when he had a lock and he couldn't do a poo. Gradually, Zhenya maturing, work of his intestines improved and already several years he didn't need an enema. However the offense at mother and the grandmother at the boy remained and somewhere at heart he hoped sometime реваншироватся before his offenders. And here at last this moment, it seems, came! Zhenya got up, quickly wiped to himself a bottom, put on trousers and went to the room. The woman Zina already heated a pan in which water for an enema was filled in on the gas stove and she mixed it a derevyanny spoon from time to time. "And, Zhenechka, you already here!", the woman told, having seen the grandson, "if you please, get up on a stool, there in a case on the top shelf there is an enema, get to me her!". The boy got up on a stool, opened a case and got with his top shelf very dusty rubber device for enemas. "Faugh, as became dusty... it is necessary to wash her!", the woman Zina reluctantly stated. "Zhenya, you stir instead of me water, well here so far?". "And why to stir her?", the grandson asked. "Well, you see... I there for the best effect added nemnozhno salt and vegetable oil... therefore solution needs to be stirred!". The boy nodded and undertook a spoon, and the woman began to wash with cold water an enema. Having finished this business, she approached the gas stove, felt a finger water, told: "Will be enough, water already warm!" also I switched off gas. Then she gave a rubber mug to Zhenya's hands and told him: "Cutting of companies of a mug wider and hold it strong, and I will fill in water there... oh, nearly I forgot, the crane should be closed!". She closed the plastic crane at the end of an enema hose, then took both hands a pan and poured in her contents in otverstvy circles. Zhenya hardly managed to hold the klizmenny device which was filled hardly not to the brim and suddenly I became very heavy. "The woman, how many water you filled in there?", the grandson asked. "As well as it is necessary, two liters", the grandmother answered. Whether "For will be many?" "Isn't present, it is impossible less, it is necessary that the enema washed out all guts up to the end!", the woman Zina explained. Then she took glyceric cream from the shelf and plentifully smeared with it an enema tip."Will you to me thrust him into a hole in a bottom where Kaká leaves, clear?", she asked the grandson. "Yes, but hands will be borrowed from me, I hold an enema!", the voice shivering for nervousness the grandson objected. "And we will hang up an enema here!", the woman answered, took a rubber mug from hands of the grandson and hung up her on in a wall the hammered hook. "So, well!", Zina grumbled, watching as the hose of an enema hung in mid-air, and his tip began to dangle several centimeters over a floor, "perhaps, will be enough are long to reach to me a bottom!". Then the woman undid a belt, lifted up a dress up, and lowered panties down to knees, having bared the white, round bottom before the boy. "I will get up on all fours, and you, Zhenechka, will thrust to me into a srakochka a tip and then you will open the crane on a hose, clear?". "Yes, it is clear!", Zhenya answered with half-whisper. Heart at him fought in such mad rhythm that it seemed, just about will jump out of a breast. The woman, крехтя and puffing, I got up on all fours, I hung the head down, and I lifted the back up. The grandson approached her, took an enema tip in the right hand, and the left hand uncertainly moved apart the woman's buttocks. He saw a black hole between buttocks, inserted a tip of an enema there and at one stroke thrust it against the stop. "Oh!", the woman Zina exclaimed. "What, painfully? I not so made something?", Zhenya scaredly asked. "Everything is normal, granddaughters, open the crane! At me probably from constant suppression the crack therefore it was a little bit sore when you thrust to me into a hole a tip was formed there", the grandmother explained. Zhenya opened the crane, but water for some reason didn't begin to come to the woman Zina's intestines as that should have been expected. "Um... strange!", the woman grumbled, "that we not so made? And, clear, it was necessary to let out the air from a hose, we forgot about it, more true I forgot!", Zina was distressed. "Nothing, Zhenechka, take out carefully a tip and as soon as from him water appears, thrust back to me into a hole! It is clear?". "Clearly!", Zhenya answered. He slowly dragged out a tip from the woman's bottom. Water sniffed on a floor. "Cover a hose with a finger... also suck in to me in a sraka again!", the woman Zina ordered. The boy molnenostno executed the command. "Perfectly!", the woman Zina told, having felt that water begins to flow into intestines, "you are a good fellow, Zhenya, from you a mogba will turn out the excellent hospital attendant in hospital!". The grandson reddened and didn't know that to answer it. The couple of minutes was passed in silence, I was we hear only noise of the humming water flowing on a hose from an enema in a bottom of the woman and quiet puffing of the granny. Suddenly she moaned and, having told the grandson: "Zhenechka, close the crane so far!", I began to breathe strenuously through a mouth. "Grandmother, are you ok?" "Everything is all right, Zhenechka, will pass now... so, you can open the crane again!". "Women, and can will be enough?" "Won't be enough, do that you are told!". The grandson obediently again opened the crane. "You understand, Zhenechka!", the woman Zina began to explain, "there somewhere in guts there was a firm fecal stone and until water washed away it, I had spasms in a stomach. But already everything passed!". Somewhere in a minute the woman asked the grandson to close the crane again and again began to breathe through a mouth. "The grandmother, don't suffer!", Zhenya started talking, "there will be enough circle already almost empty, for you water to fill in, sit down on a bucket and высерайся!". "No, it is necessary to let in all water up to the end! Open the crane!". The grandson executed the order. Still somewhere in half-minute the woman felt that water to her doesn't come to guts any more. "Choose a tip, it is only careful, don't soil a hand!", it told the grandson. That slowly pulled out a tip which was really strongly smeared by the woman's stake. The grandmother got on feet and started walking about the room, in passing massing a hand to herself a stomach. "Thanks, Zhenya, you can be free!", she told the grandson. "No, I want to look how you will crap!", the grandson objected. "Well, all right, look, I am not sorry, only consider - will strongly stink!", the woman Zina answered. Then she screamed: "Oh, there are no forces any more to suffer! "and quickly I sat down on the bucket standing in a room corner. Firm pieces a calla as if stones, hit against a bucket bottom, then it is noisy water poured out and with ogromky break wind left collected gases. The room was really filled by an intolerable stench. "Zhenya, open a window!", the woman Zina disposed. She stayed on a bucket not less than a quarter of hour, throwing up from herself all new portions softened by an enema a calla. At last высравшись, the woman Zina got up from a bucket, Jeunet ordered to carry it to the bathroom, and itself I filled in in a pan water again and began to heat her to wash away from the bottom and a perineum of a consequence of an enema.