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Easy, but a little cool breeze in which breath of the coming zlatolistny time was felt got into the small bedroom through an open window leaf and with soft, hardly audible rustling stirred up a curtain. The low slender birch outside the window responded chorus of the rustling green leaflets. Somewhere on one of its branches the little little bird landed and I complemented with a sonorous voice a natural acapella in which it was felt both joy of new day, and thin, light grief on inevitably leaving summer days. And the blue sky with rare plumose clouds was a dome for grandiose orchestra of life where everyone someone entered under his infinite arches became the musician. The bright yellow sunbeam lit up the face of the sleeping boy, obviously seriously having intended to wake him. That polureflektorno blinked strong and blocked by a palm. However the mood of the nature rendered as if some magic influence blowing a heavy veil of drowsiness and pushing to active life today. The boy opened eyes and saw the habitual world which every morning is to him after awakening. Nothing unusual was for him here: the same blinds at a window, the same bedside table in one corner and a desk in another, outside the window the same low birch, the same birds, the same blue sky... Nothing unusual that an eye could grasp, hearing or consciousness, everything is habitual, too habitual. That magic beauty of the morning world, light, kind, warm beauty, much fuller, deep and harmonious, inaccessible to the person who got into a groove and restrictions of technogenic life wasn't visible. Eldar was roused and stretched, warming up a body. It was the most ordinary teenager of sixteen years, not high and not low, not strong and not weak for the age, with quiet, the correct proportions the person and a serious look of gray eyes under thin black eyebrows. The head was framed by the chestnut-colored hair falling almost to shoulders disheveled after a dream. The young man continued to do exercises, dispersing stagnant blood on each smallest vessel and finished only having felt fatigue. Eldar dressed the house clothes, approached a window and glanced over familiar vicinities. The feathery singer on a birch calmed down, but the soft chorus of leaves still proceeded. The flock of bright vorobyshk a lightning flashed by and disappeared. Below on a grass on a lawn important I paced, trying to discover something, a large rook - the constant inhabitant of the cities. People, not so numerous in the morning, but already full of problems and cares wandered about the sidewalk, the rushing cars rustled and sniffed. Highly in the sky with the deep hooting sound the plane flew, leaving the wide white loop similar to a comet. The blown breeze glanced to the room and frayed to the boy hair as if speaking "good morning" and the bright friendly sun the warm beams echoed him. Houses were stood by silence. Being in a corridor Eldar heard only weak tick of the wall clock. The younger fourteen-year-old little sister Alice quietly slept in the neighboring room. Their mother left for work still early in the morning, till the dawn, and all the time, till the evening while she didn't come back, Eldar replaced for the little sister and mother, with her care and caress, and the died father, with his fun and men's protection. Since the family lost him, many duties were assigned to Eldar, it remained the only strong hand which it was possible to grasp at the heavy moments. Eldar quietly half-opened a door to Alice's bedroom and glanced in an aperture. The little sister slept on a back tight having inclined on one side the head, having opened a blanket, having cast away the right hand aside, left lay on a breast, the right leg was halfbent in a knee. Her breast quietly rose and fell, in silence easy puffing was heard. Alice was a little lower than Eldar growth, and, despite even small age, had the lines inherent in more mature women: soft, velvety skin, a slender thin figure with refined bends, a smooth tummy with a beautiful relief, gentle roundish buttocks, large, elastic, a beautiful correct shape of a breast. Long, almost to a belt, a fair hair was scattered by waves on a pillow. Eldar involuntarily admired the sister. On Alice the blue silk pajamas by length to knees which concealed femininity of a figure a little, but couldn't hide convex hemispheres on a breast and left naked legs was put on. Eldar for a moment began to forget that before him his younger little sister, the innocent, the defenseless child needing care lies. Now before himself he saw charmingly beautiful, sexy young girl and a men's instinct began to take control over consciousness and a body. There was slight dizziness, below a stomach pleasant heat extended, tissue of cowards stretched under pressure. The young man represented how he touches a soft breast, begins to mass and to gently pereminat it as carries out by a palm on a gentle hip, reaches for lips in a kiss, and other hand, having gone down on a stomach, slowly strokes him, coming nearer and approaching a treasured bosom... "Enough! What you conceived, a dog!" - Eldar Mentally shouted at himself. - "Same your sister, but not a subject of satisfaction of an instinct! "He remembered how he looked after many years her in the childhood when the father died as he fed her as he healed grazes and cuts without which any child as Alice always doesn't do, perhaps, asked for help of him though he was only two years more senior and itself often needed the help. Eldar managed to muffle in himself desire and now was ashamed of the thoughts. Experience involuntarily swayed his soul and Eldar not without surprise found out that his eyes were moistened. "I have no right to touch it, even mentally", - he said with himself, - "it... she... as if the spring flower, gentle and fine, any touch will crumple it and he will lose the beauty". How often people should choose between affairs as pleasing to heart and the affairs pleasing to public opinion. Old prejudices and the bans limit us - without that very limited creations whose perception is distorted by a prism of subjectivity and is obscured by imperfect sense organs. And now Eldar arrived according to "laws" of society, understanding that he desired a forbidden fruit. But someone and when imposed the ban? Ancient half-civilized people, bible prophets or snobs of the present? Eldar acted on the put template, he realized that society will never understand his act, his feelings... And his heart painfully trembled in boobies. In his head the thought that he never and anybody won't begin to treat with such warmth and inexpressible sympathy as treats the little sister rushed about. Men's desire to caress and love her and brotherly desire to protect her from the cruel world merged in something uniform, unimaginably deep and wonderful feeling what never fully can be these desires separately. But alas, it only strengthened Eldar's torments... "I will never touch her", - he Said to himself, - "I won't go against her will" in him Here other voice, a voice of other beginning in him woke up: "And if she desires? Will you be solved?" Having stirred up the head as if rejecting troubles, Eldar muffled this voice. Here Alice began to move, slightly opened eyes and closed the eyes partly from a bright sun. She raised the head and, having seen the brother, smiled as only angels could smile, probably, a clean, light and fascinating smile. Eldar couldn't resist and didn't keep from reciprocal smiling. - Hi, Eldar! - the ringing voice similar to singing of a hand bell spread about the room. Eldar could listen, appear, to its eternity, having forgotten about everything. - Good morning... Alice. - The young man answered with slightly shivering voice. - Why you stand here? - I solved... to look at you... To check how you...- And why you have tears, Eldar? Something happened? - The shade of concern appeared in as an angel clean voice.