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Furtively, at dark night when sexual tension already went beyond all limits and flew from all cracks, literally, I, choking not to make any sound, biting edge of a pillow, I rubbed the pussycat aching and asking caress. Tears came into eyes, blood knocked in temples for fear and pleasure, and then all came to an end, and I long recovered in a bed, wet from sweat. And then also I didn't remember long time it, pretending that it dreamed me. Up to seventeen years. It began to occur gradually. Without noticing that, I began to examine the body in the bathroom. I began to stroke it soon, turning in front of the misted mirror. My slender figure began me to be pleasant. I stroked the small breast, pinched from time to time nipples. And I began to masturbate not at dark night, and lying in hot water, under brightly shining lamp, looking at the breast. At the same time I changed. More precisely, I began to look at the closest girlfriend somehow strange. We went to school together with the third class. I began to treat it with great respect, was afraid to offend it. And once, when I accidentally touched her hand, I felt as though electric current passed on my stomach. Having come home I was closed in the bathroom and looked at myself in a mirror. Really I like girls? I never had a guy, but same nothing means... Before me there was Masha, in one underwear. I presented what breast at her as panties fit her bottom, her pussycat... Again electric current in a stomach, in a mouth dried up and... I was made horney. I liked my best friend. In the same evening I, being burned with shame, I came on the pornwebsite. For the first time. Some time I examined huge dicks, and understood that instead of being made horney, I on the contrary calm down. Suddenly my hands began to tremble - I saw category "Lesbians". Biting lips I examined the girls having sex. It was fine. In the head hooted, the pussy exuded with juice. Hands shiver. They kiss, suck each other nipples, lick pussies. That night I terminated the whole two times. At the same time I tried not to think of anything, but a thought of those photos, and of Masha, after all flashed before me. So proceeded few months. Once we with Masha went to a wine party with children. I never drank much, but Masha touched a little. She reclined on a sofa, with a beer bottle, I sat next. Here the familiar guy sat down by us, and began to stick. I so cold looked at him that he switched to Masha at once. She was drunk, and badly thought. In a minute he began to touch her leg, and then and a breast. In me such rage suddenly jumped up that, having forgotten about everything on light, I burst to it slap in the face. That was taken aback and silly looked at me. I seized Mashka by a hand and took away from there. On the road I lectured it: - What you, the whore perhaps? I got drunk... She obediently followed me, but suddenly got up. I turned back: - What you? She suddenly took handles my neck and kissed on sponges. It was so suddenly, is so surprising, so innocent that I couldn't even answer plainly a kiss and forgot to close eyes. She came off my lips and, is drunk having giggled, ran forward. I went home, I was drunk. Pyana this kiss. Now I understood what means on the present to be made horney, on the present to want someone. I seem her I loved. Next day, and it was day off, and houses nobody was, I decided to spit all. I sat down in front of the computer, and came on the pornwebsite. I included an album with photos of lesbian couple. It were very young girls, with undeveloped forms, I presented on their place myself and Masha. At first they just kissed. Chubby sponges, pink uvulas. They shamelessly froliced in mouths the friend friends and one show of this kiss made horney me to an explosive state. Then they began to undress each other. I couldn't suffer any more. I threw off a T-shirt, having remained in some panties and began to rumple fingers the nipples. They became firm, I awfully wanted to suck them. Then girls removed panties and one began to suck a pussy another. It involved to itself in a mouth her clean-shaven sexual sponges, dug between them a pink uvula. And that groaned from pleasure and rumpled the boobies. All red from tension I pulled together wet panties and shamelessly placed legs as the girl on the screen. Having presented that her partner licks mine, but not her pussycat, I began to rub the clitoris. I moaned from long constrained excitement. My fingers became wet from my juice. I caressed myself, thinking of the girl. And me it was good - it was never so good to me in life. After this case I was engaged nearly an every day in it, and every time thought of girls. About beauties whom I watched on TV about pornstars from the Internet, about schoolmates and I recognize! About Masha most often. I wanted all of them, and I satisfied myself thinking as I caress their sweet pussies. I began to look after Masha. Not in opened of course, I didn't want that someone learned that I am a lesbian. I took her home, I managed to achieve soon that we began to hold hands during the road. It were wonderful minutes - when her gentle handle was in mine.