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And all because of a beads... Well, we had a rest with the wife on one of "banana" islands. Children with us weren't, we gave them the chance to have a rest from us (and to us - from them) and two weeks промаялись some in a heat and intolerable bored
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Before continuing the story about the first prostitution I want to answer one question which is often asked me. Very often my readers ask me in letters: how many once a day I fuck how often I suck someone and where fucks me? To give the answer to thi
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I want to tell you a story which happened to me this summer 2008. I had a rest to villages and to me was without two months 15 years. I have to villages many beautiful little girls. And almost all of them are more senior than me for 1.5 years. Only s
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The middle – the top – summer … we lie on a wide low ottoman, having faced to each other, and Slavka, in the twilight of the room shining eyes, in a whisper tells me as they, that is he and his parents, the uncle Kolya and the aunt Sveta, went to us
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Today Dasha had birthday. I long and seriously prepared for this day, bought lubricants, the thick vibrator, and exciting tablets with improbable effect as I was told by the seller. Dasha is 14 years old, and I wanted to give her the best gift – to d
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At once I will tell that I am an ardent fan of female buttocks) my fetish> It happened after a physical education class. It was the last lesson, me forced to wash the hall, we had it as punishment for lack of replaceable footwear. Well, I with good w
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"You remember how all began" - Makarevich once sang. Oh yes I remember all to the smallest details. Allow to tell you interesting of archive of history of my sexual life. So it turned out that this life began early enough: in the beginning, in 6 year
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Violet, from excitement, the dickhead appeared at me before eyes. I closed eyelids, thinking that it is a dream. When something hot touched my lips, I slightly opened eyes again. Moving apart my lips, to me thrust a huge dick into a mouth. The body c
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First Galya9 class. 16 years. Brains are crowded with sexual delusion. Each female silhouette concerns and charms. Readiness to fuck-30 hours a day! And experience - only a masturbation: I remove the seventh-grader Galya after cinema. We wander in me
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Hey, the aunty – I know for someone you wait, I to him will finish you! – the dark boy from round the corner shouted. Olya expected a meeting with the friend long ago here with whom she well was familiar in days of school youth. … The thought "flew c
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And here morning came. Since morning all event to me was thought by a dream and I rushed to phone what would will be convinced of it, but there is no all this was the truth and pictures remained on my mobile. I hasty removed them what my boyfriend wo
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The remained lessons passed as in fog. I thought of the evening which is coming me and that there will be. During a lunch I nothing plainly ate t. to me this taste of a cum and "toilet" in a mouth constantly tormented, and in the head thoughts of wha
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Then I was 15 years old. My name is Yulya and I have a girlfriend Lena. Once we decided to go to smoke for the house. We passed by two large guys of years 17 and without having noticed anything bad at went for the house. And suddenly Lena asked: - no
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Her life was filled with adventures. I understood it too late. With the wife Alyona I got acquainted at work. We have a big corporation and on affairs came into one of our departments once and there saw the young beautiful girl. She didn't differ in
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Suzy came back home from the girlfriend by then when usually go to bed that was, in general, rather late. She was afraid that she will be abused and therefore, I tried not to rustle. Having quietly closed a door, she on tiptoe crept through the dark
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Suzy came to Mike into the room and, having flopped in a chair asked: - Mike, you told somebody already about in what we sometimes are engaged? Mike came off the computer. - No. - And I told. - To someone? - To Jessica. Mike it is interested I have a
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Mike came into Suzy's room when that already lay in a bed, and, with a gloomy look, flopped in a chair. - One defect for the weekend was outlined in our trip to the grandmother. - What? – Suzy was surprised. – The grandmother has a fine summer lodge
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Shortly I trenknut a call. Mike went to open and in a minute returned to the living room, embracing the slender dark-haired girl in white, fitting elastic balls of her breasts, the t-shirt and a jeans skirt opening her slender, suntanned legs to the
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I am forty three years old, but still attractive in my opinion. Once I late came back home, was dark. I approached the entrance, near it there was a young nice guy, in my opinion years of fifteen. He was as speak is drunk in a boob. I don't know what
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I. The dear uncle Ekipazh stopped in the country, near the old mansion surrounded with a metal lattice of a fence. On knock opened not at once. The elderly gatekeeper who opened a big heavy gate took the business card from the uncle and sedately left
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... We drove to the house. For went to an entrance and rose on the elevator by the necessary floor. While rose, Maxim squeezed my pizdenka, having dipped a hand under a skirt. Stopped at a door and Max pressed the call button. A door the guy opened h
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In the first part of this story at me the sexual relations with single mother Katya who is more senior than me for 10 years are entered and develop. And in this story it will be a question of my rapprochement and intimate relationship already with th
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All began still slightly more than a year ago. I live in the house together with the wife and the little son. To us on a visit during summer vacation, quite often there comes our niece Masha. Sometimes, remaining with us weeks. She is a beautiful, bl
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I want to tell about the first and unforgettable night with the guy which I spent to his beds. Somehow walking in the children's park I met the schoolmate Vovka he was one year more senior than me as remained for the second year we played with him in
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We drove to smart to the mansion. I went out of the car and went to the thief there. The security guard took an interest that on m is necessary. Having learned that we to the owner and чт about a meeting it is appointed - I passed. We п roshl through
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When my son Andrey was 14 years old, before us with the wife there was a question of his sexual education. The matter is that in his youth parties sex became an everyday occurrence and its friends began to sneer at how it is diffident and shy with gi
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Readers possibly remember that I promised to tell about three days of sex which get to the period of the first half of September. I received many letters with different dates. Many asked - why this interval? To satisfy their curiosity I will tell tha
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- It again I, Yuriko! As they say, with return! I remind that at us in studio the special guest, Linda tub, and today it tells us about the life, - the most important - about the adventures! Linda tub? - Hello...-While there was an advertizing, the d
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Once going on the yard sixteen-year-old Dima met to Yang - the girl from a parallel class. Somehow strange smiling Yana suggested to go together to the booth behind cigarettes. Long ago it was pleasant to Dima slightly plump with big a nepovozrasta Y
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The car approached and stopped at the underground passage. Already got dark. Was about nine in the evening. - Generally so, Dasha. Bothered me to look for to you clients. You have to bring to me 400 more euros. You will bring and will go home. As you
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The belief began to teach at school literature right after the termination of teacher's college - in 22 years. All pedagogical staff of school came to a conclusion soon that from it the good teacher will turn out. This young teacher quickly managed t
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With Vlad we were acquainted by the girlfriend when we were in the ninth class. He studied in a humanitarian class, and I, in biochemical. As managed to study decently in an elite gymnasium of St. Petersburg, without doing any homework, putting on as
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As I also promised. The second of September.8.30 - the brother woke, and I sucked off to him. I terminated in companies.9.15 - came for me to bring to shooting. In the car I sucked to the driver. I terminated in companies.9.45 - the director in a bot
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I thank for attention. So, dear reader, you can relax, only not completely if you sit not on a toilet bowl. So. I live... In the apartment. The apartment - in the house. The house - in the city. And we will call the city, Rozenlau. Someone read гн. A
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The seventh of September I was output. Therefore I didn't work. Went to the dacha with the brother. There we were met 6 more of his friends. All day I had with them sex. Shortly I describe in what poses and how many people fucked me. - I sucked off t
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Fatal passion or life of "Moral Limit" 2iz of personal records of doctor Thomas Verner, the practicing psychiatrist of the Munich rehabilitation center for the insane: 21.03.07. Today from the narcological center transferred Kira and George Shteynber
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From the author: I recommend to read the first part for a start. And that you can not understand a lot of things in the second. However, unless in erotic stories the main this understanding? And still I apologize, for the dumbest name. Just on the na
find a woman online free Grace Hill
I lost virginity in 15 years. It turned out very unexpectedly. I was a school student, I already had a girl, but sex wasn't yet. Wouldn't tell that I am hand-written handsome. Just ordinary thin fellow all the time dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. So
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I lost virginity in 15 years … After sex with Alyona Rybina, the neighbor from below, I radically changed. Memories of the first time were in the head all the time. Before sex with it I was an ordinary thin fellow in ordinary-looking clothes, a horos
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Dead blue light of the UF-lamp filled in a corridor of an operblok. I went on him shuffling slippers. Just four hour operation ended. Hospital attendants already dragged away not the beautiful 77th summer grandma in resuscitation. Nurses finished an
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In life of Yana there were unpleasant moments, but was in her life and good. She was lucky with parents, with girlfriends, and, of course, with the guy. Nearly two years she was together with Nikita, studying together at school in the 10th class, and
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Morning was knocked in Lisa's window with drops of May heavy rain. Streams of heavenly water, fell upon the dozing Saturday city, having scared away cats and having forced to wake up the tramps who blissfully stretched on benches. Having met on the e
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I already felt inclination to guys from 12 years. And kind of I didn't fight, and didn't try, I became a bisexual. Now I 16 can't tell that I am happy. Because of the unclear orientation by sense it is impossible to me with little girls, and I try to
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Svetka stayed the whole day, beer she brought decently so the conversation went almost uninterruptedly about men, about that as they aren't enough. Svetka of the expelled long ago when he drinks, walks yes on the house of any help, didn't see money a
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I don't want to drag out long and I will try to pass to the most interesting quicker... But has to make some retreat to tell as well as where all began and occurred... When I studied at school, I liked one girl - Valya, my schoolmate when she to me o
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Readers possibly remember how I became a fellationist at the school. If isn't present, then I will remind. That after to me punctured piercing in language, two acquaintances of the brother forced me to suck away directly in a school toilet. It was se
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I want to tell about the first real sexual experience. This story in the late sixties happened of last century, at the end of August when I was a little boy and only I passed into the second class. We lived in Simferopol, and the mother's sister, the
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The most saturated sexual period in my life – age from 15 to 18 years. Then there were so many events that can't be described words. In 15 years I already had regular sex. After the first time with Alyona in the elevator I began to meet Vika Alekseev
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When I studied in the 10th class, to me there was such case. At English lessons I sat at a school desk with one girl, she was called Oksana. Growth at her was 152 cm. Once at the end of the academic year in the first of May at us I was control on Eng
dating over 30 Jennie
Hello. I read about two years this website, and here decided to tell a story from the life. My name is Marina. I am 17 years old. And I want to tell about the beginning of my sexual life. And everything began 3 years ago. I had a girlfriend Alina. Sh
date you Headlee Ranch
Hello, dear readers. Having tried a genre of the erotic story, and having uploaded him to this website, I was very surprised to the number of the reader's letters with responses which came to my mailbox. And at numerous requests – I continue the hist
dating near me Keezletown
Before passing to the following story I want to make the small introduction in which there will be an address to my readers. To me many letters come. And among the people writing to me there are people who, unfortunately, read only those paragraphs o
dating 40 year old man Monterey Pk
This story to have truthful character and there was it in an interval of my school period. When I studied in the sixth grade to us home there arrived from other city the mother's school girlfriend. Which in general at first sight just bewitched me th
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To the last circle Yulka already lagged behind "the times" for half-minute. "Anything to..." - the trainer swore. Tomorrow competitions, and the little girl for whom he personally warranted gives full failure. And for no reason at all. After a month
dating near me Repto Jimenez
There was a middle of October. The end of the first quarter came nearer. At one of lessons I asked for leave to suck off in a men's room to the guy from a parallel class. In the course of a suction at me phone rang out. - Hallo. - Dasha, you where, -
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I wrote in one of recent stories that at my school the young teacher, teaches her a little more than 20, she finished пед recently. institute also I came to us to school to work as the teacher of a georgrafiya. How we with her began to have sex and m
dating over 30 Anaheim Hills
I was 15 years old when the first time tried taste of a men's seed. I was in sports center, somehow we with my friend Genka decided to try to have oral sex. Then I had no idea what to me all this will turn back. We chose the place near the camp but s
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Hi. My name is Eric. I am 15 years old. everything occurred when I was 13 years old I studied in the 7th class.... and always I wanted to have sex... And somehow time the form-master put me with the girl of which I so wanted to sit in my opinion and
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Chast1. Mr. Smith good person. Professor of psychology. Expert in children's sexuality. Successful scientist and citizen. And he loves very much children. For some reason children figured prominently always in his life. He fixedly was interested in t
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The guy came into a chat, in hope to get acquainted with the girl. In a couple of hours search he nevertheless could find. The truth I didn't understand whether that is a girl, but, as they say, the titmouse in hands is more best. They made friends.