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Before deciding on conceived, Alexander, the student of the fourth year of MSU, long sorted possible options of actions in mind in case everything will go not according to the plan: suddenly the housewife with a bucket or still will jump out of some
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Once, when I was 15 years old, I with parents went by train to relatives to Moscow, usually we fly by planes, but this time decided to be passed on signature Baikal. In the next compartment the family of 4 people in which there was one boy, on a look
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Hi I decided to write all on this website. All actions described in this story took place to be in one small town which there is a lot of in our country. And it is so a little about itself. My name is Ksyusha. I am the blonde rather high with a breas
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My name Zhanna, I am 24 years old, growth meter ninety seven centimeters – a lanky person. Matchless blonde, the fourth breast size, flat stomach, smart buttocks, long slender legs. And all this magnificence is packed into stylish clothes. Men standi
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After all guys saw my photos where I am fucked in all cracks, I became a whore. I and most very much wanted it. So: In the morning on September 7 I, having woken up, I washed, then I made to myself an enema - you never know where I will be torn up...
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4 Probably, those tears were a certain crisis. When I entered her room, Irina herself got up, without conversation of a pokshl in a shower. However, it wasn't without remarks. When I entered a toilet, Ira was going to write standing. Naturally, I fou
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... Mischa was this person. - I saw how you were fucked in a mouth in a toilet, I even managed to shoot a little with phone. If you don't want that your parents learned, I will fuck you - he told. We came to him. Houses nobody was, except his 18-year
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That fine summer, we were soaped at the sea, to Sevastopol. There at me there lived the relative on the grandmother's line. Therefore problems with accommodation weren't. She for the summer moved to a summer lodge, and gave the apartment to relatives
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- A couple it became cold, - I hinted Lenka Parovoz and expressively I luzgnut the next semka. The peel stuck to the lower Lenkiny lip that нихуя didn't add to the lady of appeal, and the Hedgehog shrank. - Yes, the whore, cold, - he uncertainly supp
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I have new neighbors. Father, man of thirty eight years and his son of years 16-17. Such quite decent family, we are always polite and good-natured. I even somehow promised them to show round the city. And what actually to tell about the city???? The
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I want to tell at once that history was completely truthful, in it there is no thought-up moment. The only thing that I changed, is only names. Hello all) Want to be presented, call me Maxim, I am 20 years old. I live in Moscow, near the Arbat, in th
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I am called Artyom. As always we went for a walk with my friend Roma and his girlfriend Ksyushoy, she was so-so, but thoughts that she already has sex attracted me, I was a virgin, we as always took a walk, and went to her home took binges one more g
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Here and morning... It is time to be going to school on occupations. Reluctantly I get up, I stretch and I go also on kitchen. I turn on the coffee maker and already vigorously I run in a shower. Standing under hot water jets, I begin to be made horn
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Once I with girlfriends was invited to one party which took place at home. We came already to the heat of a celebration. Actually the party was organized by the guy by the name of Sasha who celebrated the birthday. There were very many people at a pa
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Somehow time returning from work, I decided to come into the poorly populated abandoned front garden to sit on a shop, to smoke and breathe fresh air. To my pleasure in the front garden was nobody also I having sat down on a shop with pleasure I lit.
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There was it last year, I studied on 1 course in University. I always wanted to leave alone to the girl. I never did it. At us among boys it is considered a shame and God forbid friends learn, you won't consider everything the person any more. At tha
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Vika stood in front of the mirror and made up lips. "He is such darling as I am glad that got acquainted with him and at last I forgot this moron Timur. Too to me, well I kissed just once with another. and what? "Here unpleasant memoirs gushed and th
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Hello, my name is Igor, this my real name, I am 29 years old, is married, the wife 25 years call Alyn her. I live in one of the southern cities of our country. I want to describe history, to be exact three histories, but they somehow, it is possible
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In the old district of the city of N, mainly one-storey, between houses and the small small river the extensive waste ground was located. At first residents adapted him for a garbage dump, but later from there took out garbage. The children living ne
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Outside there was a hot summer. I with the parents for three weeks came to visit, the father's friend. He had a young wife who had quite very young little sister, a difference between them made twelve years. The sister was called Yulya, her was fifte
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Chapter 1 "Ussatsya again, well when it to come to an end!", - with rage I spoke Artyom, the eldest, fifteen-year-old son, having seen mother lying on a sofa, and under her hips the dark, damp stain clearly appeared, without raising any doubts that i
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…. Aychurek, without having responded to Vitkino to her the address, slowly I went to the house. Vitka perplexedly looked her following, without understanding what occurred and than he is guilty … Victor Petrovich became silent, looked for hours. - V
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So it turned out that my parents dispersed. My mother worked as the geologist and long vanished in business trips in the remote corners of our immense Homeland. The father as the healthy man couldn't be so long without female caress and found to hims
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For the first time I went fishing when I was 16 years old. I never liked to catch and kill fish therefore the forthcoming campaign didn't cause special enthusiasm in me. To that is there was some feeling of alarm. The only reason for which I agreed i
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Business was in the winter of 2008. Then I and my sister were 18 years old, from the birth we were twins. I loved very much to look through various pornofilms, especially liked to watch a porn incest, it very much made horney me and got. The sister o
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Katya adored the beginning of summer. To them to the village there came summer residents and using the handed-down address, steadily ran to them. Having treated it with candies and gingerbreads, they agreed with mother about terms and the price, then
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It is absolutely real story, though art fiction in it is available. The matter is that I wasn't either a participant, or even the witness of the events described below, I learned about them only according to heroes of our history so to tell her docum
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And here, they, at last, have the house. It was given them in the small village where, saving the lives, they arrived from Chechnya as refugees. Alyosha was Sasha's friend, and Lyubov Dmitriyevna with whom he lives together now, was elder sister of h
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Nastya and Anton knew each other year. Having got acquainted last spring Nastya saw in an object of the desires, and it a pure and sincere soul is mute. 2 months they met, but then Anton fell in love with another, and Nastya treated him as to the fri
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I listened. Around all as if froze. Only far beeps of the train broke silence. Oleg listened too. - There is nobody, - he as if being afraid that his voice in this silence will be deafening whispered. - Yes, - I answered, looking round. We stood, hav
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22.05.02 When I saw Larisa, at once understood, - to my son she isn't couple. First, he is only fifteen years old, and her not less than sixteen. Secondly - her eyes which she inconsiderately stared at me. They were very skilled and, frankly curious.
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- No, but... Colette!.-Yes throw that here bad!. However, bunny? Here, look!. Sitting in a rocking-chair opposite to the cousin, at a table where we had coffee, she again very quietly lifted up a muslin peignoir to a navel, showing the absolute naked
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"City! I arrived to the big city absolutely one and is absolutely independent. I will live and study here!" - Lena so reflected, having gone out of the bus and looking around. It arrived from the deaf provincial town for two hundred kilometers from t
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I got acquainted with Sergey accidentally on the Internet. We communicated about a year. I never thought that we will once meet with it. Though lived in one city, neither it, nor at me had no desire to meet copyists. But case. The girlfriend of my mo
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I want to tell you story which happened to me and changed all my life. All events described here - an honest truth. Thanks a lot of a certain Yulenke who helped me to overcome herself and to understand that I am not one such. Now to me sixteen, and t
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When I was 17 years old, I had a girlfriend. She was called Marin, she was my schoolmate and the neighbor in a school desk. Marishka supported me at a difficult moment, always was near me. Likely, therefore my friendly feeling to her somehow changed.
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We got acquainted with her on the Internet, communicated not long … Very well knew each other, found out that we live in one city. But meets didn't think, it turned into a certain game … Nearly an every evening we spoke about sex, told about the adve
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I am a student, and I want to tell you of the history, it is a story about love... When he came, I studied on the 3rd course, the diligent student... To him 23, and me 17, he is a teacher of psychology, and I am his student. And, apparently, nothing
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Wild the pyankaerotichesky story - Oh, yes you came with vodka! Means, we thump today! Then, went to me! - It is drunk being shaken before me, Venka joyfully exclaimed. I liked his wife of Valcke, the darling, the woman, rich with a wide bum, whom I
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- She the truth is pleasant to you? - I already told and. - And you at least kissed her? The brother for a second reddened, but quickly thought: - Of course, I even fucked her. In principle I understood that it can't be the truth, but the thought tha
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I and mine sestraodnazhda when I sat, and ate, at a table after school I was called by my elder sister Sasha. – Yes - I answered. – Dim I will arrive to you today. – All right, I answered. My sister was to me cousin and is two years more senior than
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Zapilikala below entrance door. Lyokha reflex looked down and at once loomed that hid vodka. On a ladder there was mother. All amicably became silent and were going to greet. Mother with bags, hurrying a little, I rose by the second, and then and by
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Kind machekhaerotichesky story On August 28, 2005 1. To a machekhealesh I very annoyed Lyubov on the stepmother. First, she was very beautiful, and therefore took the main place in father's heart and on a mother's bed which now long creaked under the
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I went by the train. Opposite to me, on the shelf, some gloomy, silent type was located. He gloomy read the newspaper, then had tea, and in a half a day didn't utter words. Of course, people are different. One laughs without the reason, constantly st
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- Seryozha! Sergeyev! Come to me for a minute! - Well Elena Vladimirovna! Now I will come! - loudly I shouted the Earring and, slowly, as if to his legs it was tied on the pood weight, I trudged to an office of the director of studies. He had strong
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In Leningrad was hot. There was a July. All someone could left the stuffy city. Children of school age were almost not. Someone was at the dacha, someone in summer camp. Along Bolshoy Avenue there was a trolleybus. To the people in it there was very
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Prolog. This story really happened, but some names are changed. I will tell a little about myself. My name is Alice. Now to me 20, I was born in intelligent family. The father is a professor at department of psychology, mother is a teacher of literat
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Everything written below - an imagination fruit therefore I ask him to consider just foolish fiction. =) I got acquainted with Alyonkaya in the summer, in the park where she walked with the girlfriend. On her there was a light white summer dress, she
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We cheerfully rushed on the highway of 150 km/h. WELL it was also cheerful to us!! 4 days of rest on a country country house of the Lizkiny father were necessary. Lisa, is my friend who got acquainted with the to impropriety the rich daddy recently.
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This story happened in policlinic, a month ago. At the doctor-gastrologa Natalya Ivanovna reception already came to an end, there were nearly six o'clock in the evening. Having examined the next patient who complained of stomach pains, she began to w
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Oh, what hot was today day! Even now, in the evening, in air some closeness is poured. However, on that it and summer. I come back home after the unlucky working day. The house me is waited by the son, Pashka, and the husband. Pashka has vacation, th
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I learned that mother is going to note the birthday in the evening on the next Friday only on Thursday when she me asked to help her stints by the forthcoming feast. On Friday she was given a compensatory leave therefore since morning she began to pr
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The events which happened to me in the childhood were for a long time postponed in my memory. For many years they postoyannoproigryvatsya in consciousness, haunting me. Then I was still an eleven-year-old child and, absolutely, knew nothing ozhizn, e
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She stood the second in a rank of girls, being allocated with the high growth and inimitable, special femininity. Her big brown eyes often not movably stopped on him, confusing with the persistence. When he, dared, to look at her, she wasn't confused
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I passed, week after that memorable night when I for the first time felt pleasant feelings from proximity with the woman who became my native mother is equal. Though she also promised to talk seriously to me as soon as guests disperse, but couldn't,
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Part 1 Diary shkolnitsy12 September, 1965 годаСегодня I learned that Lyudka Sinitsyna, very long time ago keeps the diary. Writes down in him everything that happens to her. She even allowed to read him me. Wouldn't give more better. Cheerfully giggl
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Any person has such moments in his life when the idea seizing him completely, sometimes mad, sometimes being behind limits of decencies, but not less from it delightful gets into the head. And all thoughts of the person, all his desires and acts are
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For quite some time now I have ability of most of which of people didn't even think and to dream. I speak about freezing of time, his full stop. I can't explain this ability, I only am able to do it. When I stop time all people and objects fade aroun
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Recently I read stories of Weis'a about how it is made horney when his wife is seen naked, and I was delighted that found "adherent". Means, not such I the pervert, in any case, is such as I. Also I will tell about rather about our "feats". The most
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To sleep on the general bed, together with the aunt Lina, for Mishka was a real handful. In a dream she abruptly sticks out the naked back which densely drives him into the corner. From it, he wakes often up, removed from her, then again fails in a d