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From 5 years Katya and Yulya together endured the joyful and sad moments of the life. Girls together played, went to a garden... Now him for 12 years, and, as we know, with age interests change. There was IT during a week-end when parents of both gir
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I passed in a bathtub and included a shower. Thoughts of today's night rushed. Yes, there is a lot of impressions! And what else will be? In the bathroom Ira appeared: - Lesh, I beg you, we will go, will look! Having quickly wiped I followed her, adm
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Translator: Virgin Goblin ( - Yes, is Catgirls corporation.-Um, hello, I would like to make the order. - It seems to me, you want something that isn't present in standard delivery on our website? - Well, I. aa. tell, you can prov
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In the morning I woke up from feeling that I am released. I opened eyes and turned the head back. The Owner sat at my back, He exempted my hands from ropes. - Good morning, Owner! - I told. - Yes, - He said. - Now we will go to a bathtub. He took me
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I arrived to the village of Vduyevo that for several hundreds of kilometers from Simbirsk. Outside there was warm, but with the blizzard a winter of 1878 and dark inhabited constructions of local inhabitants on which black body the golden window of l
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All of us expected that it is necessary to go to readjust a complex. Surprise turned out the fact that it is necessary to go so early. We expected that he still will hold on month or two. Therefore in the formed "calm" children decided to have a rest
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I will begin with the beginning. Call me Alyn, now to me 26 and I am practically a model of a wife, in places slender with quite good as speak a breast 3 - го the size. In nearly 4 years of a marriage several times I changed, but circumstances, and a
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I had four girlfriends with whom I could fuck when I want. And one day I was occurred by the idea - to bring together all my friends contain and to arrange a good gruppovushka. My idea was accepted on Ur. Once you note that all of us are bisexuals, a
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I bring to attention of readers history from the category real where the place action and also heroes and their names are changed. Today we go with my gentle child Irishka to the movies. The movie was chosen by her, about love. Today she is remarkabl
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She entered, having locked for herself doors. What could it mean? She held a tray on which there was a smoking cup of fragrant coffee in hand and the cigar loved by me lay. Likely there will be any lickspittling, I thought, seeing as she picked up ev
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- Why so long didn't come? – She asked, without coming off papers and signing some document. - Didn't cause, - I stood as the school student who didn't learn a lesson, shifting from one foot to the other. - But you are a man. Not that you don't want
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Dima.... To him there were 32. Or 31. I don't remember precisely. The good friend of our family from whom I always went crazy. He attracted girls and women as a magnet. He knew how treat him as admire him, but never used it. All wanted to be left wit
dating local Westhampton Dunes
I came somehow to Nastya. I came on affairs, whether to give, whether to take the abstract, I don't remember any more. She, having met me at a door, I suggested to pass inside and to drink beer. I never refused a freebie and agreed with pleasure. It
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Until recently I considered that anal sex, it seems, and isn't necessary to me. So, there is a wish and it is fine – it perekhochtsya. But recent experience with the spouse proved the return! Oh, as there is a wish to come to be now in a hard hole ag
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Always I wanted to fuck the woman about 20 years more senior me. Not their experience is necessary. I want to use forms them that boobies were big and soft, a bottom huge, and all this yours for some time to bathe in this body. Well and I won't refus
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Once having rowed to the permanent girlfriend and after her departure to parents I decided to get drunk and поперся in small restaurant. Evening didn't promise anything except boring alcoholism alone. But as probably and at everyone evening gradually
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It occurred in Antalya. I with the young wife Zhenya, 21 years, decided to have a rest in Turkey. When we took permits, we asked that we were lodged in hotel where there would be many Russians, hoping to start acquaintance to somebody and not to spen
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Costs at the road. Eighteen years. Slender. It is dressed sexually provocatively. Judging therefore on someone pays attention, waits not for someone certain. I approach. - Hi. - Hi. - What here do you do? - And you don't guess? - I think that yes. Ho
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So it happened that my native aunt - the father's sister became the first woman who opened for me anal sex. Approximately every three months she had a business trip to our city. The enterprise paid with it hotel in which we for hours carried out wild
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I don't want these lessons today! The mother already went to the office, and I peeped from next ceremonial as she went to the bus - and шасть back home. Outside tender September! The sun burns! What can be school on Monday? I will stop ringing to Sve
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She was called Svetik. She was a little thin blonde with fine blue eyes, the girl of 19 years. She studied at the Pedagogical university, madly loved English in all his manifestations. Her mother was going to be away on vacation with the father to Ca
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One of my favourite girlfriends call Sashenk, she is a beautiful Georgian with a tremendous smile, long black hair and a magnificent figure. Her breast is magnificent, but the best part of her body is the her curved buttocks, and Sashenka uses the bu
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Once long ago, when I was as early as nine years old, my parents solved in which - that eyelids to bring me out of the stone jungle on the nature. Mother's relatives whom I never saw before lived in the village. In the village I liked everything. But
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Mother and the father slept in the neighboring room, and I often woke up from the strange sounds reaching from their room. These sounds were nearly an every night and proceeded long enough. I understood that their source are my parents, but didn't kn
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I went home to Tyumen from the Moscow business trip. It was necessary to go 2 full days and I hoped that to me will carry this time with fellow travelers. I came into a compartment the first, threw a bag in department under the lower shelf and took s
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Hello! I will long not rattle on, but I can't but speak. Yesterday there was a trouble, a divorce to the husband. And here's the thing. I came Lesh home with the friend, with a small bottle yesterday. I him quickly bungled a zakusochka and to the roo
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I would like to tell you a story which happened to me history for ninety percent truthful recently, and ten percent are trifles which always take off from the head. She was called Olya, she was the best friend of my wife and when Olya would marry tha
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I am not a hypocrite in questions of sex, just the voice of my body for the present fell down a sweet dream somewhere in cozy depths of my consciousness. Only occasionally I heard his sleepy muttering accidentally having concerned some corners of the
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In the middle widely the footpath running on the bewitched wood, surrounded on both sides with the magic bushes covered with multi-colored berries the stone lay. He quietly lay many years, surrounded with a soft emerald grass in the summer, the turne
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- Yes you went crazy, the old woman! – one of the policemen standing near gate to the palace kicked the confused fabric lump in which the undersized woman was hardly guessed. - But kind mister, - plaintively a provyla she, alternately with tears, - n
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It was in the spring. When girls, girls, women begin to bare the legs, and men greedy to examine them. I didn't lag behind female half of humanity too and put on a short leather skirt, stockings which at each opportunity aimed to brag of the ope
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I (as probably and many) love very much when do me blowjob. And my girl does it perfectly (probably, experience :)). But recently she gave me pleasure in a little unusual way. Probably, for a start it is necessary to describe her - a low, light-haire
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Differently do love. Desires of boys, rush into girls and are dissolved in them. To boys невтерпеж and they give rise to images of the swallowed, clasped, vskolzayushchy, smooth, sweet dicks overthrowing cum liters in faceless, pliable, executive gir
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It is a story about the ripe and beautiful girl. This story about that as I loved in all holes and places the girl from my 11th class. She was called Lena. She just demented me every day, I all didn't decide to approach and get to know to her. When s
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This story happened to me last May. The weather stood excellent, on the street the sun shone, it was moderate hot and little girls dressed the sexiest and open dresses, is more faithful that I tell, on the contrary, removed from themselves almost eve
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Sergey studied in high school in the tenth grade. He was a beautiful young man. High growth, dark-haired with a strong strong-willed face. He studied well, I had at the slightest pretext the opinion often not corresponding to opinion of authoritative
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For the first time I decided to go to the camp when I was 17 years old - earlier all somehow was impossible and special desire wasn't. I quickly found the place where it is possible to have a rest almost for free - the summer camp of the intellectual
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Here so number! I, of course, thought of it earlier, sometimes there was even a wish to try, but not nevertheless in one day moreover three together! Houses I inserted to myself into buttocks a candle, a bottle and so masturbated. And dick? Probably
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If the friend appeared suddenly, And not the friend and not the enemy, and so: V. Vysotsky. "Song about the friend". I don't know as at you, dear reader, and at me sometimes happens such kink. It seems you will talk to someone, or the event what will
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Change was given hard and Gleb Egorovich who was fairly tired drove the trolleybus on deserted night streets, seeking to finish flight last for today somewhat quicker. It was necessary to park the car in a settler, to descend to be noted at the dispa
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The SECTION Isolnechny didn't lighten day Lena the mood. It went home from lectures, dreaming only in that, kind of not to catch sight to the stepmother or elder sister. There was a wish to go anywhere and with anyone though to the world's end or it
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To me then 15 years I very much was wanted когонибудь to fuck, but I didn't manage it. I quite often jerked off the dick but it didn't bring many result. Then I set to myself the object that отымею какуюнибудь the girl. In the summer we with my frien
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It occurred when I moved to this city. The first time having seen Inna I thought that she is a nice girl, very beautiful back. I even didn't think that will get acquainted somewhat quicker and to meet her. There passed two weeks as I studied with her
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Here I remember what happened to me and it isn't even trusted! And everything began with a trifle: Once I sat at a lesson. As now I remember, algebra. The teacher tries to explain something, I try to understand something, generally, nothing to anybod
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Part перваяТак happened that having failed examination on full-time department in one institute, I safely came on evening to another. There were still happy times when it was possible to come at the same time to two, and even to three institutes. I d
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At the story there are elements of child porn and children's and teenage cruelty. Also this story is written on the real events possible in any city of Russia. If you are very susceptible to the experiences described in stories a request not to read.
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The beach on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus differs from, say, Riga beach. I was personally convinced of it, having got to relatives to once brotherly country which name will tell you about very much, only not about good rest now. But then, near
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INSTEAD OF PREDISLOVIYAZHIL one little boy in the State of Utah, On two inches stood - and not abruptly. And you will lick him - So at all nothing: Will expand to the whole foot. (Obscene Limerick) We celebrated a birthday of Ilya at his place. Ances
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"Proklyatye!". Excellent summer Saturday morning was spoiled by phone call at six in the morning. At this time it is necessary to sleep! It, of course, calls the aunt which decided to remind that at seven o'clock they agreed to meet mother on the gol
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Glory I went on Tver. By promptly cars rushed. There was a usual daily vanity. He stopped at the underground passage, lit a cigarette. Having deeply dragged on, he stood, being heated on the spring sun. It is a little more and snow will descend absol
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The next several days I was engaged at work and with Olka didn't see each other. In two days after our last meeting I received from it e-mail. Control directive slave, so to speak. There was a list of teams, and to each team, the picture. There were
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It occurred at the end of the 10th class. I with the friend executed all a lab. Works it was also necessary to protect them. Our teacher on physics, the young teacher with magnificent grudm, slender legs and a beautiful face, suggested us to prove wo
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She was called Agnessa. Rare and beautiful name. The girlfriend of my mother whom I always called "aunt Agnessa" History which I want to tell happened ten years ago. I that year was sixteen years old. In the summer parents went to the sea. And I didn
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In the fall of 1999 I, the pupil of the 9th class of one of high schools of the city of Moscow, stood in a corridor of district clinic and with boredom picked out paint from a wall. By me there passed business vrachikh wearing spectacles, young mothe
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Copying and распространениебез permissions of the author is forbidden! Chapter 6. Dima Vot's notebook of a neprukh, I got sick. Mother moved me on doctors and it became clear that whole two weeks I should carry out in hospital, and in the neighboring
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This story happened to me when to me was to shestanadtsat years. I then studied at music school. My teacher in the specialty, and I played the piano, quite often I forced the pupils to play "in a hand cheryra", that is at once to two on one tool. The
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I want to tell a story which occurred about mine just yesterday. I live far from the downtown, and I study at school in the center. Yesterday occupations ended late, and after them at me also English courses, generally, home I went around a half of t
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Matrona was a maid in the house Korovinykh. Her was thirteen when the barin's wife died. Since then there passed two years. Kirill Matveevich after the death of the wife of veins in a manor of parents. He was young is beautiful. Dark silky curls hang
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Next day I looked forward to two girls. You, of course, understand what I had intentions, but I decided everything "to improve" a little. I bought a cake, candies, good tea. At two o'clock p.m. I already waited. Shy called a door. I all strained, ins
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The clan of fans of the beautiful and sated with adventures life was small - five approximate seniors, Komsomol members activists and excellent students at school. The school was proud of us and ourselves were proud of ourselves because the truth abo