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- Hello, madam! Don't hesitate, you at the doctor, pass, undress. - Yes, but...-Anything, anything. I have an extensive experience. You can tell nothing. I see everything. Dissatisfaction with the husband? - Yes, but...-It is clear. Looked for others
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Sent us from Klyueva somehow to a business trip. Klyueva Irina! Alas, with her in one department to sit precisely not that to go together to other cities. Even to chat with the maiden there is nothing - the full stupid person, some belongings on mind
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Once Sidorov went to walk. Having approached shop where he usually bought bread, Sidorov out of the corner of the eye noticed that with shop something is not right. Ah yes, sign. Instead of "Bread" on it the strange inscription "Erotic Population Cen
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Hi. My name is Slava, now I am 14 years old, I from St. Petersburg. Recently I still liked girls, but then everything changed. This story not fiction also was actually. Then I was 13 years old, and I passed into the 8th class. In the summer, approxim
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The stylistics of the author are kept. This terrible story is full of tortures and sufferings and, unfortunately, can't brag of the happy end. And history is the main hero of this the end belonging to the timid sailor Pupkin. The matter is that the a
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One day not foretelling nothing good I walked on Gostiny Dvor and wouldn't know what to be engaged: And suddenly in my pocket phone began to vibrate: My member from this vibration began to bulk up: I felt that this day will become for me special: I p
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- Tomorrow after work pay to me a visit. I will feed you and I will fuck, - she told. Then thought and I added: - Two times. - We it seems to tooth gathered, - having smiled, he answered. - At me soon squirrels in a mouth will be got. - Aha. Letyag.
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Huge, a friable body the aunt does a blowjob. Her not chubby which - rather swelled up a cyanotic shade of a lip devoutly torment the sluggish, fatefully wrinkled husband's dick. A dryish constitution the man obediently sprawled under the soft, greed
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Moscow 2002 September Edik known as Vasily sex as usual walked on Tver. He went important (as a dick paper) is strong powers in the right hand a brown man purse from skin of young crocodiles (with the abrupt inscription SEX) and constantly vibrating
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The truthful story from life of one student. All coincidence is accidental. Everything began rather innocently - Kolya took himself free visit of occupations. Allegedly to work. But actually everything was much more difficult and more interesting! He
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In the room there was a mysterious darkness and some rustles, fuss, groans and sighs were heard. - Give quicker, - the female pleasant voice was heard. - Well...-Now, expensive, suffer a little, - the man answered passionately. - Oh, more carefully,
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She approached him, and he terminated. In a trace behind it also she terminated. Then their neighbors terminated. Then all dogs on the street terminated. The lonely bum terminated in the cellar with lingering voluptuous groan. And after them all plan
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Playboy: Hello, Candy. How do you look? Candy: Ha to me a red silk jacket, a miniskirt and shoes on heels. I work every day. I have an excellent make-up. My sizes 90-60-90. And you? П: My growth 183 and weight 60. I wear glasses. Ha to me shabby jean
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These records, as strange as also unusual, I found in a box of a desk of my neighbor in the communal flat when, tired with long breaking up of the lock, aimlessly I wandered about her room, indulging in inaction. From Asya's diary H.B 19. year to me
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Hi, I want to tell a story which happened to me when I studied in the 11th class. I think, this period when there is a wish to fuck literally each schoolmate is familiar to guys, and they, as ill luck would have it, during this time blossom and even
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Companions, our grief bezmernazverski bit to death our Vanya благоверныйГород ours прибываетСтадо is in danger of cows of a cow nastupayeteta on him - dangerous creatures, their dirty mugs Frighten people, Already rose to walls of our hail, the Main
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The wife - a being whimsical, also demands special conditions for the contents. If you have no such conditions, then it is more best not to bring the wife. If operating costs on keeping of the wife begin to exceed your income, then such wife needs to
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This evening Ivan as always got drunk with friends of moonshine and came back home to himself. He perfectly knew that his bitch the wife will shout at him again and to try to beat to slippers as a smelly dog who spoiled expensive carpet. He knew that
first date Wanilla
What? It you to me? Impudent fellow! I have no desire to meet you. It is indecent to get acquainted with unfamiliar. For anything! What do you take me for? Where? To you home? For anything? And it is far? Generally I am married... How do you dare? No
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- Oh, and you someone? - Ania was surprised, having seen in the doorway the man of years of thirty, ordinary-looking look, in a worn raincoat, a dirty knitted hat and with a bristle on a face. - Hi, Ania! I am your Prince Na Belom Kone! - with podkup
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In the center of medieval Paris there was a cathedral Some there Swear, beautifully decorated with dried effigies of Teletubbies and Pokemons which a look and a smell frightened off evil spirits. There lived an orphan and freak Quasimodo. In the earl
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The narration about that as naive programmers is done......... on it the thought stops. The act of a pervyysoblazneniye me наивногоКакто time we properly took a walk, became slightly tight and when on eyes feasting began to be seen that the sharpness
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It was Monday as it is remembered. Day, as they say, heavy. But for me he was given rather unusual. And it happened here that. I went, so on an interview, it is necessary to tell, the first in the life. From here and nerves: I come to the agency sinc
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Once in the fall, osiyanny the Idolized images - oh, oshizoidno-great! The father Onany detailed with detachment, bypassed the remote vicinities of Lake Onega. The astounding, okhoroshchenny vicinity of ONEGA - idolized, she cleaned, she spiritualize
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In 14 years I was to horror an ugly child: the thin worm who is very covered with pimples with a huge head and curves curves teeth. My mother avoided me and all pubertal period tried to hold me far away from relatives and acquaintances, for all summe
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It is a real story. There was it long ago. And I began even earlier nearly twenty years ago. For time of everything not to tell, besides it is my first experience. Therefore history is divided into several parts. It is the first of them. The scene of
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I want to warn at once that in heading, in the word "write" an accent - on the last word. And is farther in the text if it is necessary to use the word "Write" with an accent on the first syllable, I will specially mention it. Strictly speaking, what
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penthouse - летоСидя on a balcony of the seventh floor, the old man sharp-sightedly peered at Brownian messing around of human molecules below. An eye he had diamond. And along the street, from the market and on the market perlo all other progressive
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the city - веснаОтбарабанив two years, married without problems. In St. Petersburg the girlfriend had an apartment in Vesyoly Posyolok. Not luxury, but all the corner. Quite autonomous. While served at General Staff, I went to her to dismissal. Every
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A-A-akhkhkh!!! - it is frightened I exhaled, having stared at an enormous pool of muddy-white smelly swill under the bum, being afraid to guess that it. The head broke up morning after. I vaguely remembered how I from time to time has come up from dr
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Without applying for popularity of different gans, Anderson's type or братковГримм, I decided to indulge you with the tale. From national words it is written down Batcheromznachittsa so........... Once upon a time there was on light in Kuyevo-Kukuyev
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Hi, naked woman! To me to feel your boobs, to beat you on buttocks, to lick your pussy. But you only on the screen and to reach you isn't possible. Here you look at me, such lewd look, and my dick costs long ago and very much you want to prisunut. We
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The spring on Malorossiya is good. Everywhere noise of the woods and a rustle of fields is heard. The nature wakes up from a long winter dream and dresses up in an easy green attire. Both animals forest and reptiles river - everything are engaged, du
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In the room candles burn, in the bathroom play vials of champagne and petals of roses float. We with pleasure bathe, our bodies intertwine... In an ecstasy anticipation I caress lips your neck, a breast... Then, having washed each other water, we are
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"-Couldn't, - Pilyulkin admitted. - Here you see, and at us all will be able - you want a little squirrel, you want the bunny. - Well! - Pilyulkin waved a hand and I began to get on on myself a sundress. "Nikolay Nosov" of an adventure of Dunno and h
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More than five thousand years the acupuncture (acupuncture) - the Chinese method of treatment by means of gold needles is known. Recently there was also a modern analog of such technique - an elektropunktur. However not all know that there is one mor
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The community work day at school is when all clean, remove and wipe. Teachers and the director of studies "sort" in advance school students someone - on an athletic field someone - on lawns someone - in classes. I was "staked out" by the teacher of g
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kindergarten зимаС mornings watered the wooden hill with two buckets of water with-under the crane. By a lunch the svezhestruganny slope steklyanet also both groups senior with younger all the tin bums began to iron it and to polish. Devchukh rolled
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It is almost sure that hardly anyone from men will master (sorry for a tautology) this page. It's all right. Means, my opinion on those someone from Mars, only, alas, will be confirmed. But many ladies for certain will support me. "Midnight approache
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the pumping station - летоОбъект is protected by the watchman and a dog. The dog sends a mole across the territory, the watchman dozes on phone, for day staring in a window. There is nothing to take out from the pumping station special and that, unle
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Люся, Ira and Gena went to a business trip not only work, but also sex, the company amicable, united for quite some time now again. About New year there were ten days, it was necessary to perform during this time a task and to return to office, to a
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The talker - a find for the spy. So still sometimes in the people speak. Working in the pharmaceutical company, I somehow received the next task. The task was habitual in a form, but unusual according to contents. It was necessary to deliver all main
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There is nothing more funny and more unusually, than cases which aren't invented, and really happened. And I was lucky to participate in such entertaining event. There was it in the middle of December of the past, 2003. This day, I as usual, came bac
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Vasya rushed to Masha and began to kiss her gentle pussy, but that hissed and scratched to him eyes. Such here mean Murka got! Morals: If you came to the girl and it is planned fuck, then for this purpose there is PIZDA, an ass and a mouth, pussies i
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There was an eve of holidays, and wages needed to be paid out right after them therefore it was necessary to unpack settlement leaves and to verify the sums of contributions to tax authorities. Almost all staff of the enterprise, previously having sp
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Brain: - Opanki! Watch what girl! Dick (phlegmatically): - Where? Brain: - Yes wons, wons! The dick (faded): - A... Yes... Anything so. Brain (indignantly): - What does anything mean "so"?! Yes you look what boobs! The buttocks are round, appetizing
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Serafim Pupov went to the airport in big nervousness. Very long flight, nearly ten hours was coming him. But not flight concerned Serafim, he was a smuggler. He was him for a long time, nearly ten years. He transported drugs and jewelry through borde
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In the evening we three together sat on the river bank, looked at a decline. Smoked, stolen from the Andryukhiny father, "Malboro". I have to tell - till today, my sexual experience was limited to one old thick prostituky. A floor a year ago, I and f
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Academic year began with the two on physical culture. Our new teacher, as it seemed to me, just hated me. I with the friend forgot a form for occupations, and she made row and forced us to wash all gym after lessons. My friend, of course dodged, havi
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APOCRYPHAL STORIES - SEXUAL PATHOLOGY - ЛИКБЕЗцикл comic рассказов____________________________________________________________________п р е and m at l and: a decline of the Athenian Republic led by Aristophanes, crash of the ancient Roman Empire led
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Pushkin, as we know, was lower Natali's growth almost on the head, whether a joke. And how was him in a bed? But four children! Behind, sideways, from below not to approach, not to get was to Alexander Sergeyevich, even not to kiss... So he sat down
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Somehow in the bright spring afternoon Norman Benson... low, all right cut out, round and elastic as the cabbage head of cabbage, average years of people, having come to a balcony of the apartment, found the neighbor in the landing of political refug
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- Hi...-Sorry, I didn't learn... Nicolas is absent, I am Nokia, and you someone my plastic friend? - I am small mysterious Motorolla. - Between us phones that on you now? I in the fitting silicone cover, receive a vigorous charge of electricity is di
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Among our people there is a belief that only men can show the sexual claims based on career development. But, believe, as sexy terrorists occur among the women invested by the power. Especially it is shown in small towns. In these towns everything be
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The meeting of staff of joint-stock company began. Recently affairs at plant went not very well: income isn't enough, salary employees to raise have nothing. The meeting aimed to find a way out of the created intolerable situation. The director deliv
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Never I will be able to understand why men and women have so different relation to sex. Venus, Mars - I will never understand: Why at men decision-making and perception of things goes through reason, and at women - through heart? Everything occurred
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One my acquaintance, being at inquisitive age (a class so the tenth), I came across somehow an entertaining book that to do to the wife with the husband if with her already bored that finally. "Recover the dead man", something in this spirit. Active
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At the beginning of the 80th near Mozhaisk students, all as usual worked at potato. But as faculty of philology faculty mainly women's, and crews formed thus: 9-10 maidens and one guy - baskets to drag there, bags and so forth. And so, there was one
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It began two months ago. Inexplicably my mouth began to turn into something another. Now I don't know what to do. It is very difficult for me to breathe. More and more densely contracting muscles don't allow me it to make. Probably I die. But about e
50 plus dating app Poplar Plains
17 years... Summer... Village... Wonderful time! Walks till the morning, songs to the guitar, swimming in the small river and other pleasures of youth. Of course, everything isn't so harmless: without binge, the grass, sex and dismantling wasn't. But