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ПрологВ him I gave feeling, piercing through with pain, a burn of the cigarette extinguished about a back. In air the smell of fake appeared. The man plaintively moaned and was bent on a cold floor. He didn't see Her face – only put in elegant blue s
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On merits (Veronika's punishment). In deep summer night ahead in front of car the dividing strip on desert city roads periodically flashed. Only sometimes the lonely car which disappeared later in the absorbing darkness of night streets met towards.
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There is a fellow! He over девчонкамиСмеялся, scoffed, But having received on balls коленкойОн groans, having been double up, Holding the balls. And those someone he so recently leg obizhalvyterl about his lyceums the arrogance his unnecessary теперь
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I remember the childhood since very early years. No, of course not since five years, but perhaps since I went to school, I remember everything very distinctly. I remember the first of September as I was seen off in school, and the main thing - I reme
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After I married, in my life nothing changed in respect of punishments. Now I was strapped by my husband, the truth he did it with pleasure, but not in the line of duty as the father. My husband couldn't refuse an invention, and the visit of restauran
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Sitting in the minibus, I, smiling and having closed eyes, I thought of him. At 17:00 he will wait for me at an entrance to the subway. I imagined his face, the attentive, joyfully expecting eyes, a smile which will appear as soon as I get out of the
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Somehow I addressed the folk healer Fedor who dealt also with intimate problems. He accepted me kindly. I began to tell: - The matter is that I receive an orgasm, only when I masturbate a clitoris, and at sex with the man there is no vaginal orgasm.
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Four months later after their first arrival to "sanatorium" they returned there. Outside the beginning of August, 1993, and ahead at them is at least three months, and even half a year. Naturally so much time of full freedom demanded not comic prepar
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"For the sake of You" They already met several months. 18 was her. This is the nice brunette, with brown eyes, a dazzling smile, not high growth, with quite impressive breast size for the age, and with very elastic appetizing buttocks which were alwa
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I went ALONG POLUPUSTAYA street…Ya went along the thin, cooling-down from a day heat street. Evening shrouded the city to the twilight. Against the background of the darkened windows the web of neon advertizing and signs of different pleasure institu
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Just from a shower, a delicate perfume of wheaten curls of hair, lewd gloss in eyes, young and seductive, his girl … The white shirt, fell down from her shoulder, under it horney nipples of an appetizing breast, fantastically beautiful, entering prec
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I don't want to close my diary though my history didn't proceed, but... On this website I didn't see that read, and I made bold to publish this story for all someone didn't read it yet. CHAPTER 1menya call Ania. I am 18 years old, big boobies, slende
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Those someone already read my "Yutyud in black stockings" could have a question, and what was farther? Whether Vadim learned that I am not the real woman? The answer - "no". I any more never met it. After that case I didn't go outside the whole month
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Shortly after I passed to work in construction company, I was sent to inspect construction of our complex to Turkey. Routine work, loneliness and lack of thrills – all this induced me to an extreme. To the middle of summer I managed to sunbathe well
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I slowly went on the dirty sidewalk covered with fallen leaves. What nasty day!... And weather as ill luck would have it... and the two on physics.... and Katya.!!!... At me I drove a lump to a throat... It seemed to me that she most loudly laughed w
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Hello, long ago I wanted to share with you the history which occurred somny when I was 17 years old and changed all my life, and I can't still understand myself someone I am the girl in an image of the guy or nevertheless the guy. It was in Perestroi
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Two, with a tail, month back I was left by the wife. All in general to a gap also went, but action happened spontaneously. Simply, after scandal. No, even at the beginning of scandal. I collected everything that could place in a favourite suitcase, a
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the slave any more not человекраб has it what pravvsa his existence is subordinated only to service to Madam the slave has no volivola and it isn't allowed to him what, everything that the slave does - it carries out will of Madam the slave sleeps on
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All this story happened to me during working off of summer labor practice at our school. By the way I was not the most significant figure in a class and not the most dear. Many simply and openly were kidding over me, gave monikers, etc. Years with 12
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"Work well, the bitch, differently I will make of you the whore. Do you want to become the group prostitute for men? They will fuck you in all holes, will pass round and will fill in with a cum. You will be a good davalka, spermoglotky, a dog... Do y
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I was 15 years old then, we went into the woods with children and little girls. So it turned out that we with Ira (so she was called) departed to the forest further, it is simple to take a walk, got to talking on different subjects, then sat down on
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After our campaign to the park passed about a week when Len called me by phone. - It I. Mother arrived from giving. Didn't you change mind? - No, I would try. - I spoke with her. The first time she told that I have with the head something not that an
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Today I woke up early. First of all I came to Lena into the bedroom. She lay on a bed with two bottles which are sticking out between legs. Hands and legs were tied to a bed. Generally, from yesterday's night her situation didn't change. As Lena slep
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This story began after I got acquainted with the already the ex-wife Natasha. She is 26 years old, she average growth 1. 65 cm she has hair, a slender figure and a smart bum red by nature. In the first sex between us I understood that this that woman
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Management of an orgasm. To cum training of a sabmissiv by order of. First of all, let's be defined what there is a speech about. Management of an orgasm consists of two basic elements. The first - to delay training of a sabmissiv an orgasm until it
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I woke up... It was still absolutely dark, but it is already time for me to get up, - I have to manage to make a lot of things. Quietly I displace the blanket and a box under a bed, there I send a pillow. Matrasik with a snow-white sheet I leave befo
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All events, names of institutions, and names of people, are creative fiction of the author, for possible coincidence, the author doesn't bear responsibility. Part one: "The yin is Yan". The city of Moscow is the special city not only because it is th
dating over 40 Shonkin
I am the head of the small, but prospering firm. Recently I received office in the center of Moscow. My work stopped being for me long ago something that it represents for others. Now I mostly sat at office, went on vacation, went to casino. Well and
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Hands are tied strong. I close eyes. I am kneeling. And I say prayers. I forgot tenderness. Also I don't know freedom. I gave love. I plunged into fetters. Make to me so that it was sore. Make to me so that it was sore. Make to me so that it was sore
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As all good, our meetings with Yana ended, my wife was discharged from hospital. There passed several months, during this time I fucked Janka once when my half made a business trip. Life took its course, but then in one of days there was an event whi
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The knife fell...-So step on it and go further, - the Owner ordered. My imagination generated the infinite number of the knives lying on one side, having filled all living room. There were so many knives that it was impossible to make out a parquet.
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All night long I ran tied to a table by hands and legs. In my bottom there was a marker which held outside the adhesive tape stuck to my body. In the room was light, but I woke up not from the sun, and from terrible pain of blow by the Owner's lash o
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I felt movements in my bottom and opened eyes. The owner already woke up and moved remained on all night long dick in me. Never before I felt such interesting feelings. It was amusing, very much it was pleasant to me. - Good morning, Owner! - I told
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Since the morning I wanted in a toilet, but Hozyain ordered me to suffer. I suffered. He sat down from above on me who is rolled up by ropes. I began to say to Him a prayer. Oh, my master! I can show nobody the body. I am not able to afford that some
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I woke up before the Owner in the morning. And at once his dick began to caress. The owner woke up when business resembled by the end. He was happy, but showed no sign. I brought to Him coffee in bed and sat down to say a prayer: Oh, my master! I wan
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That night the dream dreamed me: "We went with the Owner near the wood on a wide footpath. On me there was a black translucent short dress. Was around nobody. Only wind and singing of birds was heard. In my vagina there was a cucumber. I had to corre
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Somehow I managed to be wrapped up with a cover on which I slept. So I carried out all night long. In the morning the Owner took seat from above on my legs. I slightly opened eyes, but was so sleepy that I didn't even think that occurs. The owner con
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I woke up before the Owner, quietly approached under a blanket his dick and began to caress him. The phallus became more and more, and filled my mouth soon. I guessed that the Owner already woke up, but He didn't give a sign and didn't do Nicknames o
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In such situation we overslept all night long. In the morning the Owner raised the head and saw my face near the. He long watched how I sleep. His hand slowly began to touch my body, pulling at ropes by which it was tied. I woke up. The owner continu
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I spent this night near the battery, having turned in legs under myself and having hung the head down. For luck, the dream was strong. I woke up before Mister. Probably because began to freeze. I leaned a back against the battery and looked at the sl
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The first time I met Tatyana in cafe. The appointment was made at eleven in the evening - quite late time so to go to Textile – the remote bedroom community – was the share of the taxi, besides in spite of the fact that the middle of May came nearer
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The owner called me before an exit from the house and told that I have to thrust into myself panties. All the time, how many I will go by the train, I will be with them. I at home descended last time in a toilet before the road, the Owner listened an
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"... We can look happy in the opinion of others, but ourselves will lack something for entire happiness... "How often we should lie! We will answer the question "How Are You?" "Everything well!". And it is actually interesting to someone to know as o
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Desire of carnal joys blocks reason valves, and then is released natural balance. No, it is not an instinct of reproduction. This desire to maintain balance and to observe harmony. The owner well studied me and knows that my body a continuous erogeno
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I was absolutely naked before her on all fours. My neck was held down by an iron hoop from which there was a thin, brilliant chain, but probably very strong. On her end there was a carbine and I could always be fastened somewhere. Legs and hands were
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I seized her by a neck, brought a mouth to her ears and began to bite them gradually. - Go to the room, - I told it. - Lay down on a sofa and wait for me. Ania, sobbing, I went to the room. For now I sat and thought. In me two feelings fought: on the
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Everything began with what I on the street precipitately offended the woman of years who accidentally pushed me 35. In reply she sharply turned and, having approached in dense me, told: - What? You what you are rude, the bastard? From such turn of ev
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It was my first in life visit to the so-called "the practicing Madam". At once I will tell - not that my wife didn't share my preferences in a bed at all, but. not I was ready to admit all the desires to her and there was a wish to me that some thing
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11:05 - 15.09.2006. We all come to this huge world in search of Love. Some will find it without problems, others and flippers will stick together, without having learned it, and the third will look for, try, to suffer, invent everything new and new w
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Call to a door. I tear off. On a threshold he. At one look to me in eyes - it shivers. In hands a bouquet. He lowers it down because on a look understands that he brought not that. On me a long transparent peignoir on a naked body, and in hands
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Chapter 1. For the new campaign I decided to find the middle-aged slave. I will remind that the balzakovsky age is or nearly 30, or it is slightly more than it. In prostitutes of this age category there is the izyumina which the true judge of dominat
dating 50 year old man Lead
In the childhood I quite often was in hospitals. Here and now, when I was 15 years old I rang out on a hospital bed again. Business was late fall. With me in chamber the boy of 9 years lay, he was called Timofey, I called it Timohui. It was a sprout
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Author: Katerina Von Rejtenwaldperewod it is executed by Ekaterina Sadchikova. Your reviews of the book and wishes on the translation you can send suffering to the address klanville@mail.ruesli and even pain make some sense, it has to be that they af
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Some moments from my practice. Beginning. When Sergey for the first time appeared in our house, he was pleasant to me. High, nice, I looked younger than mother. To me there was nearly 16. At that time I practically chucked in school and hung out with
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Tsok, tsok…tsok, цок, - a sound of heels is boomingly carried on a wide semicircle of the underground passage and easily advances the source. She always puts on these boots when she goes to a meeting with him. Their sound oddly prepares her for every
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Windows of the small old mansion came to one of the quiet Moscow small streets which accidentally kept conservative merchant shape. Once, in the shaggy nineteenth century the house belonged to the general Zatsepin, and now, at the beginning of the ce
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We served to our Madam exactly a year as she suddenly decided to move to live to Khabarovsk. We with Leroy asked her and as we, but she told that she already sold us to other Madam! Humiliation and submission became for us then a vital necessity, we
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Their first meeting she remembered, appear, already one hundred times. Also I lost count of the orgasms overtaking her tormenting the pussy and remembering how it tormented her. Yes, thirst of sex pursued her after the divorce with the husband consta
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Here and the first morning of my new life. I woke up on the alarm clock in 5 minutes prior to that time as it was time for Mister to get up, kneelt before a bed. I cast away a blanket, his dick took in a mouth and I began to suck it. In a couple of m
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I will tell you as I execute my virtual Hozyain's orders. Always, when I on the street or houses, I have to go with the breast which is taken out from a brassiere. Also in my ass always there has to be some subject. So far it is a bottle from ink, it