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And me it is strong \"such situation got \" here: (Sasha's revelation in cafe) the STORY by ONE FAMILIAR GUY (spelling almost without changes). My name is Sasha, me it was executed 18 last April. Speak nice, tall – 190 cm. Recently, familiar domestic
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Summer. A wonderful time to visit the mother nature. To pay her a tribute to gratitude for that happiness which dropped out me when I met her... We met Her long enough. Before entertainment weren't my strength therefore the first step was taken by he
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- Opus number 31. The sonata Salt minor for a piano in four hands. Part one. Vivo non tanto. Well and a voice, She thought... Possibly, it will read the list of sinners on the Last Judgement. And all she is good, this curbstone locked the militant vi
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Joyful system of guitars, Furious construction crew. As if the steppe fire, From songs fires burn. And construction crews leave further, And the system of a guitar doesn't tolerate falseness, And our verbal maximalism, Will check time, will check lif
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The wave washed snow-white legs, hearts, the night easy and silly sea wave tormented... it bore joy and ease there where people find love and took away with itself pain and sufferings... Her look through night in anywhere... the silent shouts of bird
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I lie on a back, on a convenient bed. Though that at this moment can be inconvenient. You lie near me. Your head of me on breasts and your hair of a razmyotana at me on a shoulder. I feel you as though you want to be pressed in me completely. You eve
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She was from those angels whom it is more best to watch from the earth. What he also did. Having armed with the antiquated field-glass, he crept up on smell distance to an intimate piece of the wild beach where she made the daily birth from foam. Why
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Snowfall was such that in two hours the window outside entirely closed up with snow. The naked girl rose from a bed and, having clasped the beige shoulders, approached a window. She slightly knocked with a cam on glass in hope that snow will outside
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Today, when I came back home from the university, met the former best friend. We with her studied in one class. Once between us there was a true friendship, we were as if sisters... Ho everything changed. Here I will make small retreat. Somehow (it w
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Schoolmates: He and she. The groom and the bride - teased them once: Far school days! Silence of lessons and rollicking revelry of changes. Classes, school desks, notebooks and textbooks, strict teachers and thoughtless idlers, diligent honors pupils
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Once upon a time there was a woman the most usual - the husband, the daughter, homework, etc. everyday knowledge. 35 years were it, you understand - age not of balzakovskiya, but also not 25. Crisis of sexuality in soul. It seems everything is normal
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It is the translation, and the author of the original of Jin Yaranda ( \"At first it was a small dream... \"Simba approached the daughter behind, having surrounded her with massive forepaws on each side. Kia
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She loved Saturday days. For the fact that the Owner didn't hurry anywhere and paid her almost all the attention. In the morning, having come from the street, she got to him into a bed. He, as always, banished her on a carpet, but did it absolutely n
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I love you. I love you from fingers of legs to tips of your long fair hair. I like to do you massage, only slightly touching your smooth back with the shaking fingers. So it is pleasant to me when from this caress you shudder and you become covered b
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I dreamed a dream. Oh, what the dream was! Dreamed me as if I am a God. No, not god - the platonovsky demon, and not god - the Nietzschean superman, and God Vsederzhitel, the Creator of the sky and earth. I flew in the depth of the Universe between s
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This evening I couldn't calm down in any way... and to decide that day is already finished. That anything else didn't remain how to get into the bathtub filled with foam and to go to sleep! There is here such feeling that: it isn't over yet. It force
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Time stopped. She dreamed, sitting in a chair and smiling to the thoughts. How long IT wasn't. The sun pleasantly caressed the breast which looked out of a peignoir. Memoirs gushed over IT, almost physically she felt HIS passionate lips. The breeze w
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We got acquainted with Seryozha in a disco. I was pleasant to him at once, and he invited me to the ballad. We got to talking, and the Earring took me home. On the road we came into the park and mudflows on a shop. With us there was my friend at whom
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Why so always it turns out if you want to leave - you force to remain, you remain - ask to leave? Each person is coward on the nature: one climbs on the very tall mountain, proving to these that he won against the cowardice, another jumps from a para
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As years run! I remember Alyona. So well I remember her as if dispersed last summer. When I got acquainted with her, her was exactly eighteen. We lived together two years. It turns out that she isn't with me about three years! Alyona! Often rememberi
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Stepped into already heated Voronezh soil in the solar May morning of his leg, and the look concerned her, having passed on her fine body, literally devouring her from head to foot: My God, rushed at him in the head as the instant is sometimes great
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Long ago there live wolves, and the laws write, and follow unwritten laws. Once upon a time there was a Wolf. Whether in the forest he lived or in the city whether in what village where beautiful and skillful you won't find for the partner, I also wo
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This Story occurred one fall. Approximately in October. I then was only 15 years old and I studied in the 10th class. As usual we went to school, studied. In one day to us one new pupil came. Called him Konstantin Kharlamov. On change all approached
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Also I was a little 16-year-old boy. Hippoval, carried the fragmentary shuza which are used up a truzer and more than five yust were never found in a ksivnichka mine... What in time was. It is terrible to remember... scary pleasantly. - Route. As wit
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"Hi, Darling! Here I! How you here without me? :)" - I finger a hand your bristle and the back of a brush I stroke wrong way. For some reason I very much like to rub about her. I have such too. But about it a bit later. ;) - "You got drunk cocoa agai
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In the summer time flies very slowly. Deep dark and all young people favourite night doesn't want to come in any way. Long time, walking on all corners of the beautiful city, having a little got tired, they quietly went. It, taking her home, I didn't
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1. Whether you see a conversation in MIRTsE to me until recently there was a wish for it constantly. I couldn't think of anything the friend longer than 30 minutes. And now my rushes of the sexual plan grow dull. Well... Generally because they d
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Moscow, on July 9, 1998, summer cafe on Arbat Street. Incessant rustle of steps, cocktail of smells, noise of hundreds of voices. 16 hours 17 minutes, the first glass of cognac (fake, disgusting on taste and unscrupulously expensive).-Da - page. Well
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And suddenly something broke. I don't know what occurred, something important disappeared. I don't know. To me it isn't clear that occurs. Something broke in me.... For you I will still be a girl, your girl. You for me - the most gentle, tender, that
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There was a winter. Cold. I sat on the next daily watch, looked behind the new installed system... melancholy... one pleased - today the last day, then it is possible will relax. And вруг bothered to answer stupid questions of on-line examinations, I
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Istrelki of hours passed after midnight long ago, and he all sat in front of the flickering monitor. The only source of lighting, the screen cast pale indistinct shadows on walls and a weak reflection played on his face. The weak click of the modem a
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The beautiful country which is similar almost to paradise. Here everything is, there are no cares and problems, there are no explosions and there is no disease and death. Here is anything to soul... everything that can be necessary, everything that i
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Very long time ago, in one village, there lived a guy. he studied at school, at the 11th class. of course at such age often there are also offenses and disappointments, but in general he didn't complain of the life. And as usual happens at such age,
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Ekaterina Pavlovna, the slender and attractive brunette of thirty eight years (though nobody gave her more than thirty) was as now speak, successful "business lady". Great job, big earnings, lot of subordinates. I divorced ten years ago: the husband
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What for? Why I met you. Confusion. Emptiness... There is no sense... I was... I disappeared. What for? What happened to me? Why? No!!! I love the girl! I love! I love? I love... Yes... it is heavy. Fear. Doubts. It crept in in my soul. To me it is t
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He entered this room, slightly worrying. In a fireplace fire flickered, lighting with the fluctuating light small space. On a fluffy Persian carpet She sat, holding in hand a glass from thin glass, on a floor there was an open bottle with red wine. T
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Over us the hot summer sun, the blue sky on which the white dancing clouds, and around the warm blue sea float. It is our desert island. We, having joined hands, absolutely naked we lie on warm golden sand, we luxuriate under beams of the southern su
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I don't know why I write it but at me at heart collected already so many that just there is a wish to tell of it to somebody. There were on December 31 199_ years and this evening I decided to doze a little that in New year not to be disconnected ahe
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Monica Conway he is lazy I stretched on golden sand. The summer sun tenderly warmed her bronze body dressed in a light blue swimwear. She ran a hand over a naked stomach and decided that it was already dostatechno roasted - she didn't want to burn at
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What were we disturbed by all this time? Memoirs, ah yes, memoirs... About women whom you don't love. About women with whom you sleep. Leave on yourself only light memory. Why it is necessary for you that you were damned? Lie in time or don't lie abs
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They enjoyed a dream, having accommodated a jack. In a dream she tried to turn over and as interfered with her his legs that the attempt wasn't successful, but accidentally her rosette hooked on his sleeping cheek. He felt her soft tenderness and he
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It is a hogwash everything that Beethoven wrote the 14th sonata about the moon. You can sing notes yes to look. There dedication costs. He wrote this "Moonlight Sonata" to one Russian princess (or the countess? - memory to hell). I wrote from one-way
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I am Demon tempter. So it developed that I can and I want to present to the woman much more, than from me it is required in practice. And here all these gifts dead freight hang on me and in me, collecting and bending my back. It is a pity, but life i
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From the wedding Victor with Tatyana didn't leave more than for one or two days. And here take and send Victor's administration to two-week courses on professional development. The first day and the second Tanya still somehow fastened. And already fo
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Whether Sashka lay minutes 20 and waited for all there will be no miracle. Sometimes he was lucky but today nothing was visible though the streetlight also very well lit the bedroom. It was the ordinary room in a five-storey apartment block extended
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You are a modern person, the modern girl. We also got acquainted with you in the spirit of the times, in one network toy. Exchanged ICQs. Became engrossed in talking. You cheerful and clever. With you it is good to stir. Even it is good to talk. You
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He lowered a bare foot on a floor. Brrr, as it is cold but to lie under a blanket more insufferably... I lowered the second, I unbent edge and I got out. I became on a floor. In the head hooted, I drove a lump to a throat. The naked back froze theref
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To remain friends. You didn't offer even it. Farewell... It is more best to you to leave. And all. Pain. Without words. Not to describe. I can't speak. To write. I don't know what to tell you. To make something mad what you would believe a mine? No,
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Here to you four characters. They live together, in one house, and it is logical to begin with the one to someone this house belongs. Or rather, with that. To her - for thirty, but, having lain half-lives in the refrigerator of own loneliness, she re
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I want to tell you as stars are born. When she approaches me and gives heat of the eyes, filling me with a promise of a dream; When the easy breeze of her breath touches my cheek and my skin absorbs it, trying to distinguish taste; When her lips it i
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Once, sitting in the evening I thought - and why not to write me the story why to tell the whole world that story that occurred not so long ago. But that time, I strongly would be surprised if someone from my friends or acquaintances would tell me th
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We got acquainted with Olya at the first year of the university. It was the first love both for it and for me. It was not a remarkable, thin girl, but we approached, somehow at once - everything began with the fact that began to sit together at a sch
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I noticed you, beautiful and sad, at a noisy party in superexpensive night club. I was led there by the girlfriend with whom we once lived on one street. Now she is a spouse of the ambassador of the overseas power in Ukraine, and I am a mediocre math
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The benefit late is necessary hour polzovatsyaedinstvenny and poslednimsluchay... The moon flooded night and the desert beach with flickering light. It was quiet and promised eternal rest to the children. She called and attracted to herself, having e
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- For the first time the sorcerer was noticed behind performance of the devil ceremonies on the night of a full moon after Christmas of this year. I will ask Giacomo, the miller's son, to tell that he saw...-The Your Eminence, I saw still well as now
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Then I lived with Olga. Before resettlement to her, I was with her the sign of years ten, sometimes having with her sex. And all and proceeded, but I left the wife and it was necessary to live some time somewhere. Olga sheltered me. And I "paid" her
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Part of pervayamuzhenenavistniyets. Liouba liked to go to walk with girlfriends to the city park. Still it would be the most beautiful place in the city, especially if the yard around the house reminds a garbage can more. One is bad... the park was o
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Tenderness... It was always interesting to it whether there is a threshold at tenderness... Tenderness is VERY different. Feeling of delight which overflows it when she gives caress to the person dear to her as if being dissolved in him. Watching cha
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To us to both on eighteen. We didn't see each other nearly a year. You so changed, I hardly recognize the former boy in this stately young man, only eyes your former - a look the same lover. Flatters me that you didn't forget me during this time thou
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"Hi, darling... There now, there passed one thousand more years after your last letter. In the world, has to be, there was a lot of events during this time. Someone's child who was born in day when you put the end to the sheet of paper already runs o