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UNDER KUSHCHAMI, OR PLEASANT PASTIME WITH SELKY SILLY FELLOWS. The anonymous story published in the British erotic magazine "Pyorl" ("Pearl") in 1879. The translation from the English Yu. Aksyutin.4. Rose for two. After a lunch Frank comes to smoke t
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Hi. I want to tell you about the first sexual experience. Since then there passed a lot of time (more than a year) and from this day in my life changed mnogoyevobshchy distracted. For a start I will a little tell about myself. My name is Marina. I pa
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There was all this at the end of the 9th class. A month ago I had the first in life sex, sex with the little girl from the 11th class. I in lyceum studied as that time the second year, and enjoyed not low popularity among schoolgirls :D, but business
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UNDER KUSHCHAMI, OR PLEASANT PASTIME WITH SELKY SILLY FELLOWS. The anonymous story published in the British erotic magazine "Pyorl" ("Pearl"). The translation from the English Yu. Aksyutin. No. 8. February, 1880. (Termination).8. Five on two. The org
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UNDER KUSHCHAMI, OR PLEASANT PASTIME WITH SELKY SILLY FELLOWS. The anonymous story published in the British erotic magazine "Pyorl" ("Pearl"). The translation from the English Yu. Aksyutin. No. 7. January, 1880. (Continuation).7. The daughters of the
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We from the Lyonky twin. Our mother says that Lyonka the mother's son, and the father calls me "the father's daughter" - and we live. Other brothers and sisters always quarrel with each other, and we amicably coexist with Lyonka - we divide one room
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UNDER KUSHCHAMI, OR PLEASANT PASTIME WITH SELKY SILLY FELLOWS. The anonymous story published in the British erotic magazine "Pyorl" ("Pearl"). The translation from the English Yu. Aksyutin. No. 6. December, 1879. So far parents in theater. Next day i
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Slowly the end of the ninth class came nearer. Control, independent, examinations and certification estimates. I studied rather not badly, as rather firm four though I with my brains – could and perfectly well, but with my laziness – the fours alread
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The white missiseta history occurred in North America during civil war between northern and southern states. In the city New Orleans in the big house there lived Grimston's family. Mr. and Mrs. Grimston were hereditary planters. At them was two adult
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The next morning I was convinced that the destiny at last faced me. Having received the telegram from the sick cousin the grandmother urgently started to hurry and, having charged me the aunt Sveta, went for about ten days to other city. All house wa
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Having finished, I unexpectedly for myself remembered the awakening when I was woken by the aunt and the fact that then still it seemed to me strange. I understood that the aunt будив named me me Dianochka. Having looked at the happy aunt I asked: -
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We with a young fox are sucked on a shop in the park. We sit in an embrace, one her leg on my knees, another under them. Our sponges are weaved, caress the friend to the friend, they are helped by uvulas. I am dressed in a simple black payta with a h
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All hi. I came across this website quite recently, because of the desire to esteem erotic stories. And it was satisfied. And now I also want to become the author of the next history. The case this of life also happened to me not so long ago. I perhap
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To throw out the condom full of a cum, in a garbage can, of course, it was impossible. Lesh looked out in a window in kitchen. The ordinary yard, there are no people. Alexey reached a window leaf, and threw condom through it. Filberts of a hand were
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I want to tell what happened to me a few years ago. At first it is a little about itself - my name is Olya, height of 165 cm, the weight of 48 kg, a breast size of the second, hair are painted in light color, eyes green. All men consider me even very
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Friendship between the man and the woman weakens with approach nochiprivt to all readers. Long ago I didn't write stories, there was time, and decided to write a story. But for a start I wanted to ask a question of friendship. Whether you thought of
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It happened in June. Was hot, especially in the bus. And here at one of stops the fellow came, by sight to him was years 15 (and me 18). He was in a plaid shirt and in black shorts. I was by the window as the bus was crowded, and it approached and go
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My name is Lena. I wanted to tell a story which happened to me recently. There was a hot May day. From study we were released a bit earlier, and, having come home, I decided to do the cleaning. In the apartment there was a heat therefore I put on the
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Zhanna cast away a white bang from a forehead and looked in a window. There was an evening and Boeing 777 flew over the States to the airport of Los Angeles. The woman sat in the first class near the husband Victor. She translated a view of the next
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Before to start the narration, I want to explain a situation what and as everything began with. I am an adult single man. Why didn't marry in due time? As it seems to me, everything is very simple. It is so much maids around and on someone to stop, h
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Inna sat down on a bed and began to look at me. I got up from a chair and began to stand. As in case I am, then the intimate area will be visible. It didn't take cover from the schoolmate, and she suggested to sit down again. On my attempt to refuse,
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rape on physical-realyone was 18 years when she studied in college. though she was very good herself, but on the personal front at her didn't skaladyvatsya. therefore she was in the 18 still a virgin. Alyona almost had no girlfriends and it isn't sur
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I came from work. Not tired, just zatrakhany a seat in front of the computer. Verka worker Poyebushka didn't satisfy, nearly sobbing, begged to stop forcing rigidly her zhopka. At home there is a silence, only a shower use. Daughter, any more not to
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Slowly sits down on a dick. I feel the elastic ringlet which clasped a trunk. In total it there, it is possible to work. Not to forget the main thing about Anka. Hands I move apart Nadyukhina a lokhmatka. Let sees where my playful cucumber got. At fi
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Here came at last warm May spring. The third day there was a heat under 30. Passions began to boil. Girls all porazdevatsya. We went all company and stared on the parties what else to do in thirteen, fourteen, fifteen years. Находившись we came back
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Hello, my name is Vasya to me 18 years. Recently I sat on a shop and is silent nobody without touching drank beer, here me she approached the girl by sight there were 23 years, the pyshnogrudy brunette with beautiful buttocks and a pretty face. "Youn
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Day approached evening. We as usual stayed in our lodge in the yard all day, played cards. So there passed the majority of our days, just behind card play. The lodge in one of the yards and one of entrances was in the summer the place of our collecti
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In the room it was dark and stuffy, only the weak strip of light made the way in a crack of leaky closed door, but the eyes which got used to darkness well distinguished five girls sitting on beds. Everything was somewhere between 12 and 14 years, al
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Our next regular customer asked us to assist him in sexual education of two sons. As according to the scenario, nothing unacceptable for us was, and the sum of the fee was rather big, we agreed. The appointment was made and this day we arrived to him
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Once Tanya went to a party. There were her school friends Vadim, Seryozha and Denis. When Tanya came her Vadim met. Then she didn't know yet that boys were already drunk. She passed to the room and saw the laid table. - Boys, pour to me some beer! -
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The undershirt loved Saturday. First, the following day off is also not present need to prepare, the lessons which rather bothered in ten years of study. Secondly, Saturday – bathing day, more precisely evening, and these evenings of Maique awfully w
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The ambulance rushed on a night call, the woman – the doctor, the blonde, is disturbing looked out of the cabin window. The address where it was necessary to go was in the unsuccessful area, the private sector, two-storey wooden barracks, in such pla
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History is absolutely real, only names are changed. I will tell a case from the childhood. My name is Maxim. Every summer parents sent me to the village to the grandmother. But, unfortunately, I had no friends of my age there. There was only 1 acquai
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While mother made a festive dinner, we with the father decided to go to the lake, to check his tackles, or as he calls them "muzzles". These are the oblong, lent on the one hand big wicker baskets where fish comes across. Having asked the father to w
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Somehow in the summer, we with the spouse had a rest at the dacha. There was a warm Sunday morning. To us "to take a breath" there arrived the spouse's sister with the husband and the son of years of sixteen. Giving is situated on the bank of the riv
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After school final, in we wash the house there was a party, in honor of the end of these damned 11 years of study. We crowd in 13 people, moved on a hut, in shop stocked up with beer and to a zakusye. We drank, stirred and danced. But our affairs wer
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Now I will tell how and when I for the first time in life made pleasant to the guy. I am a gay. I am 17 years old, height is 178 cm, a nutbrown hair, a constitution a little brawny. I almost all life was attracted by guys and I presented myself in th
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Hi. I want to tell you about the first sexual experience. Since then there passed a lot of time (more than a year) and from this day in my life changed mnogoyevobshchy distracted. For a start I will a little tell about myself. My name is Marina. To m
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I am 16 years old and to this case I not to time wasn't fucked. It was in the summer when I for several days stayed at home one. In one of wonderful days my neighbor arrived from institute home and when it turned out that her parents left she I asked
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He picked up me at a stop on departure from the city. I passed the minibus, another only in an hour therefore I not to waste time, began to raise a hand to each car which moved towards my village. Soon the big jeep, the young guy of years of thirty,
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Hunting behind partridges in a dream and on явуЧасть the 1st. Poronaysk allegro. 1 Italian spy. And everything began with the phone call which sounded in department soon after a lunch. The secretary took the call and, having asked someone it is neces
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- Nothing happened to you? – asks, having hardly entered his working room and having looked at him, Murchenkov. - No. And what? - You painfully look unusually. - It was almost not necessary to have a sleep … Only at daybreak I took a nap a little … D
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Love, as there is a lot of in this word of sense … And as it is definitely and at the same time not present expresses an essence of events. I loved one girl … Beautiful, clever. There were years, we began to meet as the guy and the girl. Spent togeth
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Hello, my history begins not absolutely usually. Usually guys throw girls in networks with offers on sex, etc. But here everything turned out opposite. We got acquainted accidentally, I wrote to her the first, standard phrases went that - that it see
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As soon as I passed the last examinations in college, I moved to my relatives to other city. Almost at once I moved off in job searches for the summer as pocket money I wasn't given. The whole two weeks I went on the city, called, was online and look
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My name is Anton, but peers call me Tosey. By nickname it is clear that a relationship with peers at me didn't develop. I grew as it can be spoken mother's darling. Practically everything for me was solved by parents. With emergence in the Internet h
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When I woke up in the morning, in a bed neither the spouse nor the nephew was any more. I got up and went to a bathtub to wash. Having washed, I came to kitchen. The spouse made a breakfast. - The nephew on the small river. Bathes, - she told. - What
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What else distinguished Nastya, so it is the real itch of intrigues. She needed to influence on people around. For example she constantly slighted the youngest dick of our company of Stas. The truth it is possible to tell that it was extremely nasty
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I crept along the corridor on a lap for Liana who conducted me on a lead. Her bare feet flashed at me in the face of. неспотря on all horror of a situation the dick at me stood a stake, tried to stand more precisely, in a belt of fidelity was too clo
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It happened last week. We with the friend went to the street, as always in the evening. Evening was warm. We came for the girlfriends. Then all of us went to the small river. When we went on the small river, we with the friend naslazh-were given by t
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This story happened to me when I studied in the eleventh grade. I often shirked physical culture, and in the end of the year it was necessary to improve situation. Having courageously suppressed laziness, I came after lessons to the gym to our teache
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I am 43 years old. I work family the VIP - the psychologist. For years of work so it developed that the geography of accommodation of my clients was the most various. Many lived in the different CIS countries and it is natural in Russia. To especiall
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Very long ago I didn't write about the wife-blyade. But here I continue fascinating stories which to me are told by my blessed … Now I don't mind that she was fucked for money or on account of any services. During service she often with girlfriends w
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Unfortunately, I have no literary gift, but I can't but share this romantic story therefore I undertook to write, hoping to inform you of those feelings and experiences into which once with madness I plunged, as in a whirlpool. It occurred five years
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That day I came back since a birthday of the girlfriend living on "magal" near old one-storey houses. The area was a deaf and I worried, regretting that I refused her offer to spend me to a stop. People were almost not therefore the sound which was d
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I turned sideways, facing case doors. Through a door I heard the muffled sounds - some puffing, rustles, it proceeded minute then they were succeeded by groans and heavy breath. Though I also couldn't see them, but presented, than my hostesses are en
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Sister of my wife 9. Tempted the mother-in-law. If you liked the story and at you want continuation, then write on f-117 [GAV] of ukr [point] net I will be glad to any opinions. The mother-in-law stood the shocked with what was seen, younger daughter
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Presentiments didn't deceive me. The nephew didn't keep the word. Already the next morning, after his visit we with Andrey when I had to satisfy both of them, our giving were approached by the car. She left three guys of years 19 – 20. With them ther
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It happened 2 years ago. Somehow in the summer I sent to the aunt and the uncle on a visit. The aunt native was more right... and here uncle... her husband... and in respect of likeness - he to me had someone... couple of days... I had a rest. we had