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Outside the window the rain rustled. Rain... as then. My God, how many years passed? Yura strong thought, having clasped the head with hands... It was in far years of reorganization. The girl at whom parents went from the city to the cities then got
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Hi! My name is Andrey, I am 19 years old, I am a brunette, high growth. I want will share the history. Her name is Masha and I love very much her, it happened a year ago I was a pupil of the 11th class! I noticed her accidentally. Masha the best frie
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Stranger part 6 Night on June 3. Already as 3 put I his slave. I had only 27 days. - At me nothing was with Nikita! - I said ya-Ya I know Ler. And how everything passed with Max? He hope was satisfied? - What? - And you thought for what I left you? W
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For the morning we woke up in my room! Strong I held the girl and I didn't release, she slept an angelic dream. I got up and came to kitchen to drink, Ania loudly turned in the bed and snuffled. Having grabbed a towel I quietly went to a shower happy
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All kind morning/day/evening/night))) I Want to tell you my case. But for a start - it is a little about itself. Call me Yuli. I am 16 years old. Everything, even just strangers, consider me very beautiful. Frankly speaking, I never thought of it, an
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Summer. I had a rest at the grandmother in the village, to me was likely years 12. The mother's brother, Andrey was 24 years old. Then he to me seemed adult the uncle and I addressed him on "you" until he began to correct me. He often was lost in con
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In audience on the last row it was empty and from the bulk of the people I was divided by three-four rows. All already got used to it and nobody paid attention to such gray mysh as I. The lecture already began when one more student came. The teacher
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07.03.2011 22:48-Maxims...-Oksana undid a brassiere, put it on a chair back. - What, the kid?. - we had no sex so long ago...-I undid jeans, I pulled together them from myself, I put on a night dress. I approached behind and embraced Oksana for a bre
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I would like to begin the story with an explanation of the word "blyadvo". Blyadvo is a men's form of a word the whore (so I was called by my girl when she heard the following below). Upon termination of the tenth class parents sent me to the summer
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Adventures of the marine Mishka. Author: Bealfed. On the street it is frosty today, not that very much, but after all 15 Celsius in minus, the frost is felt. Mishka since morning when mother left for work, got the hidden bottle of vodka and drank, ju
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Several words about: call Sergey I thin, high and extremely wide in a bone. My parents long ago divorced. As a matter of fact, I almost also don't remember the father. He left when I was slightly more than 3 years old and forever was gone from life,
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My name is Alexander. I read your website recently and here I decided to publish the story. To me 23, nice, growth 178, sports constitution. With girls I have no problems, but recently to me the thought came to mind - to try blowjob with the passive
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Artyom was transferred to the new school for many reasons. Well, first, lyceum after all. Secondly, this school was flooded by "gilded youth" therefore parents decided that it will be useful for son to strike up acquaintances to leaders of the future
dating over 30 Fort Benning
Hi everyone! Call me Mischa, I am 18 years old, I am a high slender guy. How many years of I remember always wore the hair long up to shoulders, boys in the yard always poisoned me and humiliated, called me the girl, once they caught me on the street
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Family holiday. Part 2. Reached the coast of the Black Sea without special adventures. It turned out that we arrived to the high season and decent housing with the parking for the car it wasn't so simple to find. Considering that the road tired not o
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We with mother lived together in the big three-room apartment which remained to us after the death of the father. Once to mother the uncle Kolya began to come. On the sounds reaching from the mother's bedroom I guessed, than they are engaged, I am, a
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It is a real story which happened to me recently. My name is Alexander. I am 18 years old. I play sports and I look good. In one entrance with me below the floor there lives Yulya, she is three years more senior than me, this is the smart blonde with
mature dating Michigan Ctr
I sat in the room, was hot and, I decided to go down to drink waters. Having gone down, I saw a note from mother that she left to the girlfriend for birthday and will be late. But for this purpose that I hadn't a rest, left me the list of tasks on th
dating older women State Farm Ins
Hi everything. There was it in one summer afternoon. I with the cousin went to the dacha to the grandfather and the grandmother. By the way to us then was for 17 years. The grandfather with the grandmother then met us well. In the evening they told t
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For a long time I didn't sit down at the monitor of the computer to write about something. But here on me found some special inspiration. Just I read just one of your erotic stories and I understood that it is madly similar to one case from my life.
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"Mother of my best friend gave birth to me to the son, and remained to live with the husband – the cuckold!" I am not fully the author of this story. I found him in Network and slightly I changed. It seems to me, it became more best. It happened in t
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Trip on vacation 2. Day рожденияДенис woke up from pleasant feelings early in the morning. Someone gently sucked his dick under a sheet. He with pleasure stretched and looked at left and right there slightly shuddered having met the eyes of the siste
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All Hi! My name is Vlad, Vladislav, generally. I want to you, to tell one real story, it happened to me. I am a quiet guy, the heterosexual relation, but here something in me is women's. There were cases when I was frightened and peeped as the little
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What to begin with? She was called Tan. She considered herself pretty chaste girl though in 13 years already often I was on the websites of erotic contents. Sometimes I masturbated, representing the prince, but I wasn't solved on real sex, considerin
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It is a real story which happened to me recently. My name is Iren. I then was only 15 years old as it occurred. And there was it quite so: Warm in the spring evening I as usual went for a walk with the MCh which I bezusno loved at that moment. He alr
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"It is silly to be afraid of the dead. All evil on light from live." J.P.BORROBELY his light pamyati1syroy April air … Ate with thick trunks and sprawling branches. Whether fog, whether a veil before eyes I wanted to hide burned snow from his conscio
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Girlfriends reclined on a wide sofa and watched film. Ryzhenky thin Valya and dense round Ania returned from school half an hour ago. Today in school to Valya there was a strange occurence: when Valya came into a ladies' room, she saw two senior pupi
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- Ordinary Soviet family, you speak? - The owner blinked the eyes, kept silent. - Yes... to Tell you, perhaps, baize? From life of a certain N - the lonely, retired into oneself ghoul? Baize - fifteen-year prescription, lost freshness a bit. To tell?
dating 60+ Barnhart Town
I lay on a bed, absolutely naked, and looked aside. It was a shame to me to raise eyes because didn't know, what will be farther. There was a feeling that everything, the whole world failed, and you don't know any more how to live further. But Nastya
quick flirt West Ashford
(this continuation of the story Bounty: The African sweets) in the Fall after all events in hot Kenya the daddy reminded me of the sexual preferences again (it is necessary to tell, before two months nobody mentioned it, and began to seem to me that
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This summer, where that a week ago I went to the theta to the city. At my theta there was a daughter who was called Tan her there were 16 years and I was 16 years old, we were age-mates. It had very beautiful, but as I learned later daughter of my au
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I decided to tell the history as I consider that it caused all my vital disorders and problems. Family life at me isn't glued, there are almost no friends and if to tell them what happened to me in eighteen years, then and the only friend will turn a
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My name is Alexander, me 23. The matter is that on 1 floor there lives a moledenky girl (Olya) below, earlier I всегдя paid attention to her, but that so will occur didn't even think. Always when I saw her she spoke to me - hi though to me only 23, a
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I remember every time this case, and at the same time I am ashamed and and excitement. I didn't decide to write about it in any way, but after all I ripened. At that time I with the school girlfriend went in Kharkiv to study. When we graduated from s
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Hello! My name is Sasha. I am 19 years old. I want to tell you a real story which happened to me few years ago. A real story, only names are changed. I was then 17 years old. I finished the 11th class, well ended academic year. We with family of trad
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Oleg woke up with the first beams of the sun and impatiently came off a bed, looked for hours. There were only seven mornings and all house fell down. Oleg sat down on beds once again properly checked all things in the bag. There was a lamp, batterie
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We sat on a floor waiting for dawn, intoxicated with a magnetic attraction to each other. The exhausted at shapeless night, our tired views it is drunk walked on a parquet, balcony Tiberias stopped on the vibrating refrigerator. Her long eyelashes hi
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- Ivanov, you fell asleep? Zhenya shuddered and looked away from a beautiful bust of the teacher. Chalk crumbled in a hand, it hardly restrained not to give the emotions. Most of all he wanted to erase this derisive understanding smile from her face
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While all amicably ate tasty about a fire, Oleg didn't lower the thoughtful look from Yulya. She only occasionally glanced at him, but after all bashfully hid eyes. The action which happened twenty minutes ago, one may say, united them for a long tim
first date Baker-Taylor
Hello companions readers! It is my first story, and I ask strictly him not to judge. I will tell you as I the first time had sex. It was in November, 2010. We with friends thumped on the attic of the nine-storey building. Us was much and alcohol was
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When he was untied, he hardly rose and, wiping the sliding tears, and also snivels, sat down on a sofa edge. The offense pressed him painfully and painfully. He sobbed, without hesitating of little girls. - O-au! Yes you also snotty! – Elena speciall
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I studied in the 8th class when I made friends from Nurala. His father was the big chief in Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan. Academic year came to an end, and it was necessary to think how to spend summer. For two months I planned to go once again
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- How it is pleasant, isn't that so, to Lil? – The young fellow, seventeen years, addressed the girl lying on a green grass and playing with florets – the Sun, birdies, florets, clouds … - it is pleasant … thank you that showed this place – Smiling,
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"I am a beloved wife, tender mother, I am a mistress, I am a whore, I am a whore, I am a prostitute. I am a happy woman!" To my friends Sasha and Irina a posvyashchayetsyasraza I will make a reservation, all described events took place NOT in our fam
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It happened to 17 summer Vova on summer vacation. As always parents, approximately at the beginning of summer were going on vacation together to celebrate the honeymoon. Vovka stayed at home one, completely provided to itself. In addition he found in
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Everyone in life has a moment when your life by all means and unconditionally depends on money. So it happened also at me at that time when I was 17 years old. Somehow in the summer I having taken the fatherly car "I gave a ride" to the friends to th
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Shreds I sat on a sofa, twisting the panel which found on the way home in hands. The strange device, only one button and ten bulbs. On a reverse side - an inscription: "Panel of control of reason. Guide him at the person whose mind you want to contro
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- Насть, I put on. We will go to school? – it was a shame to me after yesterday's, but I wanted more and more, and the school was an obstacle. I wanted to spend with it more time, but at school it was unreal as it seemed to me. - Today you will put m
dating 60 year old woman N Parkersburg
All history, kind of it didn't look strange, just invented fairy tale which doesn't have not what general with the real world. All characters living in her, are thought up by the author for the purpose of a variety of a picture and life of that world
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At school I met many beautiful girls, but only with one of them I had a sex. With Sashenky Hertz. We loved each other and once I arrived to her. It was unforgettable sex! Nothing was more best than it! Because it was the first and to compare there wa
gay dating Turners Falls
To suffer Babbling I couldn't more! Still if just stood, and that Nikita squeezes, Vovka is pinched, and Denis who took only the survived place on the broken bench pulls to himself on knees! Of course, it is pleasant when you are wished at once by th
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I want to tell a story which happened to me. My name is Alexander, I am 33 years old, 180 cm, a sports constitution, dark hair, nice (it am pleasant to a female). Sometimes on an evening off when especially there is nothing to do I earn additionally
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- You lost a dispute and now has to execute promised! - Vika pressed. - But same it is silly! I thought that we just joked, - Maya desperately beat off. - Do you want that all in the yard knew that you don't keep the word? - cunning Victoria blinked
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Defloration in the elevator. I will begin with myself: call me Pasch, I am a fair-haired guy of 17 years, I live with parents, I study at school. Somehow time to me there was an interesting story which I will remember on all the life. Once after anot
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- Now that's something like it! – she said it is dumbfounded – Impresses on - full! Especially makes horney that you fuck the man! Someone will try still? Give, maids, scoop feelings! - she glanced over the others. Those annoyancely screwed up the fa
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Such feeling that this reception will never come to an end. I sit in an office and wearily I listen to remarks of recruits which stick out under doors. Horror. A mat – a remat and platitudes such that it makes one sick to hear. Funny, but all these s
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I welcome all! First of all, I want to tell that this history is based on the real facts. Yes, there are inventions here, but I tried to give an essence most precisely. Ania is my schoolmate. She came to us to school whether in the sixth, whether in
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Recently, not later than this Saturday there was a case remarkable in every respect. Sat with the girlfriend Marinochkaya at restaurant, drank a little, remembered student's years, processed all bones the acquaintance and not really … generally all a
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Also both of them received properly! Furious Elena whipped them without pity, even the skin cracked. Traces of a beating remained bloody strips. Neither tears, nor peep, nor a roar moved to pity her sharp, hazardous nature. And when long flogging end
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Harry Potter and his world was thought up by D. Roling. I am just played with characters. Hermione Granger's nose convulsively involved air, buried in a shred of a fair hair on Draco Malfoy's pubis. Malfoy hands painfully seized her chestnut curls, s