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This real story happened to one investigator of military prosecutor's office in the remote Far East garrison. "Hardly Nikolay crossed a threshold of the entrance, at once felt some musty smell which pulled from the slightly opened door of the apartme
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Part one. Preparation for the May Day - 1970. Hi! My name is Alexander Konoplev and I study on the fourth year of technical college. As you already know, I combine study and search of all adventures giving me special joy with success if everything te
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Recently on the instructions of one sports serialized television program I left to Madrid to interview with the former Soviet defender of Spartak Vagiz Hidiyatulin about the forthcoming championship of Europe in soccer. The interview worked well, and
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There were about six o'clock in the evening. They sat in this audience nearly two hours: thirty-year-old professor Victor Ivanovich and his student of the first course Lena. All this time the teacher tried to extend from it though some knowledge to p
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I was in complacent mood... after a fragrant bathtub with petals of roses and messages that our army at last defeated these smelly northern barbarians. Ah yes... My husband, the Sovereign, didn't return from fields of battles and it, perhaps, was the
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... Here also time has come, dear readers to tell you about unusual history, to be exact about the morals and customs existing in far, the abandoned Siberian villages, about people who without knowing what is a civilization perfectly understand peopl
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INSTRUCTIVE STORY ABOUT HARM of Not giving. Once I studied at school as I all kids went to school, did homework and all in this spirit, but not it is important. And so, I strongly was disappointed in very young girls and is so strong that hardly I co
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Keveda, Borges, Gongora - here three names, three great Spanish-speaking writers, three men who tempted me in early youth and forever the pigheaded Yankees who made the hot fan of an ardent and romantic ispanizm as opposed to disgusting pragmatism an
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The platform at first slowly, and ran then quicker and quicker back. Behind there were small groups driving off by other trains, seeing off, bales and trunks, everything that usually makes indispensable attributes of all stations. The train gained sp
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Everything began so long ago that still it seems to me that it was the most part of my life. As it is strange, to me only 25 and I managed to see and feel very much that not each woman will be able to see for all life. My sexual experience began from
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With Alexander Konoplev - Sasha, I am familiar already many years and is always glad to meet him, having snatched minute - another from daily occupations or not so frequent minutes of rest. This young man occupies imagination and always takes my atte
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Thank God, Max had own car: And that would be necessary to Max with Ulyana, as well as most of peers, to be dragged on friendly huts, to look for lonely corners outdoors in the summer, and to huddle on cellars and attics in the winter. The close stud
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That summer I for the first time again met Claire at Evening at my friends by H... x in the boulevard Montparnasse. Having seen her, I most of all was surprised to how a little she changed externally as if I said goodbye to her only yesterday whereas
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When we dragged her to the cellar, she still was unconscious. Joy nearly on her I didn't snatch at the same moment, but I stopped it sharp blow. Joy, whining, I rose to the feet, but I didn't dare to answer me: with my height in seven feet and weighi
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We with friends sat near an entrance and drank a beer, stirred about the - generally relaxed. There was my neighbor in a staircase Margarita Iosifovna, and here began... "Here, you are goofs-off, you do nothing, you drink beer, you live off parents..
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Two minutes ago he lay near the little girl from bar in her apartment, nestling lips on her hardened nipples, and now goes to a phone booth at the other side of the street. Only two minutes ago! And in his head they lasted for one thousand years. Yes
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Irina left the apartment and went to a refuse chute to throw out a package of garbage. On the landing local boys crowded. Irina knew two, they lived in her entrance, two others weren't familiar to her. Hello aunts ир - children greeted. Hi - Irina sm
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Lyubka was arrested during a round-up. In the gray dark cam of Ramenskoye the Gestapo where it was pushed by the security guard, met the girl the woman of years of thirty in a short skirt and elegant, but already in spots to a light blouse and the te
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This night to sleep it was just reckless. It was always disturbing here, the Muslim magician among incorrect dogs can't feel safe, but the forthcoming night was special. Kolinya's murder, these views of papists which are seeing off any someone doesn'
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That day misters went to the city, to the house of Don of Avares Stemton. Stemton received a position of the chief judge of the city and invited all men of weight to note it events. And young Don Alberto, the loose young man, not differing in neither
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So having woken up the next morning I went to make a breakfast. At 9 o'clock in the morning all came to have breakfast and I all examined the vzgyad the hunter. Two women sat at one of tables and about something talked. I began to examine them. One w
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The door was carefully slightly opened. - It is possible? Vadik unwillingly covered with papers the Playboy revealed in the middle and lifted up eyes. At a door two pressed close absolutely still young creations. The charming brunette with huge brown
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Ksenia, the charming girl who was 21 years old recently worked already several months in big computer firm. At employment she was warned that in case of large faults chiefs can apply any punishment at discretion, and her chief, Vladimir Valentinovich
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Alexander stood in a corridor of school and silently was angry. At work the old conflict with the chief was about to happen and he risked to lose work. Yes here inopportunely still it is a call to the form-master of the son on whose education he wave
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This story to me was told in the late seventies by the familiar classmate. We studied together, but at different faculties of big, not really prestigious institute. I got acquainted with her, being already on the 5th course, approximately in October-
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The STORY is MADE on the basis of REAL EVENTS, NAMES of ALL CHARACTERS of IZMENINY,LYUBOE COINCIDENCE MERE CHANCE. It happened at the end of summer of 2000, in the city of N. There was extraordinary hot day. The sun seemed asphalt evaporates. Even in
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That day Olga woke up before usual. She had a rest the second week at the dacha, but her parents were in the city, and today had to arrive. She wanted to meet them at the station, before their arrival remained an hour and a half. Olga got out of a be
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I knew her long ago. She was always an extreme and aggressive girl, much more, than I and therefore it was pleasant to me. Earlier we were schoolmates, but then our ways dispersed. For a long time. Then again to be crossed therefore there was this st
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She was called Liouba... He met her in the park when the dank fall broke the last clothes from unfortunate trees, and in plenty watered them with a rain. Here and then drizzled, something nasty, cold... He drank beer, screwing up the face after each
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To me was 19 when it occurred. I fought for the freedom from all forces, but he was too strong for me and the main thing, did everything was very able as though was engaged this every day or specially studied. Therefore all my efforts were vain. He t
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History described here occurred in one of housing estates near Moscow. There was a beginning of September - time when most of Muscovites already left the country houses and returned to everyday working life. Despite the come fall, weather was excelle
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Solar, serene day. Sergey slowly walked to the river. Blue sky, heat. Well. He with pleasure put a hand in a pocket, scratched balls. Shit, fucking disaster. Day promised to be good. Suddenly Sergey pricked up the ears. He went in an obinochestvo on
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I stood on narrow stone eaves and looked at them. Below, where on stones the mountain stream quickly ran, on almost steep slope the place for a lodging for the night comfortably nested. Exactly there they also stood, watchfully peering at a green thi
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Morning, 10 hours. Alexey stood at an entrance minutes 15. Nobody passed. He stood, having leaned against a window sill and waited. He had one hand in a pocket, and he caressed the got-up dick. Fabric was thin and the more so trousers were put on on
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We had tea in the pavilion of the park. Clare I was joyful and garrulous as the child. Even Ann cheerfully and trustfully supported a conversation. Thus I had an opportunity to find out that it is very fairly clever. And it nesmotrya on the fact that
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Elizabeth - the red-haired woman of 30 years worked as the teacher of ballroom dances. She was large, but very plastic woman. She ceased to dance when her partner, he and the lover, married one of the general girlfriends. Elizabeth ceased to act, and
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After that episode Claire declared that little Ann will be handed to me any time when I want her and that I can be amused her at the full discretion. If I consider that the girl goes to me towards insufficiently or if she the awkward movement causes
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She went towards the beach the light, springing gait, without noticing that fixedly watch her. However, she got used to foreign views, and her was all the same. He went in only several meters behind her, without taking eyes from a measured kolykhaniy
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The tram wasn't minutes twenty. This damned ten goes so seldom that though cry. Almost all holiday went on such here burdensome expectations to lines for beer. And since Monday already for work. The people are nervous nearby, growl slowly, but wait -
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1 Ania and Zhanna studied in the last class. Both tall slender girls with beautiful figures. If not different hair color, - Ania was a blonde, and Zhanna the brunette, - they would be taken for twins. Both girls played sports, and not nonsenses like
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The narrowness on the patch of a dance pavilion was terrible. Continually you were pushed, pushed, someone's heads, hands rose around: To Alyona already two hundred times not less stepped on legs, stuck several tens of times with elbows under edges a
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Devil! As Tanya hurried, the last bus after all left at her from under a nose. To her it wasn't even trusted in it until his sparks didn't disappear in the dark. Trying to get it together (and after the drunk liqueur and champagne it was hard), she t
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..... Saturday 21 hours 30 minutes "Everything is so simple. To pick up the phone, to dial the necessary number and it will arrive to me. I don't know what it will be. Brunette? Blonde? Thin? Full? But I know precisely one - she by all means will arr
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Spelling of the author sokhranenayeshche one cases. He праизашло for a long time. I noticed when I walked upstairs home, and mine the neighbor went down that he always spotted to me under a skirt. He liked to do it he always I liked to spot under ski
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It would be desirable to tell you that to me there is already a year. On me a lot someone examines the 40-year-old woman from below – up. I learned to use it quite recently. I to the director of major company should look very effectively. Things for
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It is possible to become quicker the same as Oleg. Then Oleg told that all this "lost labor" and all this is made much easier, the modern medicine invented medicines for increase in muscle bulk. Accepting them and swinging muscles I Am brisk I felt r
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In half an hour the bathroom door creaked, and he saw her, with moist hair, and with a towel on shoulders. She in indecision stopped, and he shouted her from kitchen: - Pass to the hall! When it entered the hall with two smoking cups, she scaredly st
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Ania and Vanya - young loving couple. They got acquainted about 2 years ago and yet didn't manage to get married. However speaking to young, Ania - the student 3 courses is meant. And Vanya was for all Ivan Sergeyevich. Dean. He taught the higher mat
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I love long prefaces. Especially as they, as a rule, are standard. Company, booze, music, dances. So was and this time. Into the room jammed the person fifteen. Tables burst with alcohol. Snack, by the way, there was much less. Usually, in such compa
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I am 30 years old, but in the 30 I already 2 times served sentence. Both times for rape, and in general I always earned only dirty money and therefore when I was called and I agreed to predlozhilizarabotat by unfair means at once. I then didn't even
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It occurred a few years ago. We then studied in the eleventh grade. Well and everything is clear, both boys and girls, wanted sex and, is possible someone, love. However no manifestations of such desires, except little flirtation existed. Strange of
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We agreed to meet the next day: to spend evening in the Bagatelle park. Claire insisted that she will show me a rosary which I never saw. Now I already knew Ho enough not to ask excess time about whether there will be we together or together with her
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When it was for the first time? Ah and! We with the wife had a rest in the Caucasus. Clean air, wine, shish kebabs, toasts, charming sladkorechivy, moustached Dzhigits. Two somehow sat down to our table... toasts, cognac, compliments to my wife, happ
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To you inserted sometime directly in the face of your jealous man of the spouse? so that he to the smallest details saw everything, and you, strangely enough, didn't dare to tell reproach... do you consider it can't be with you and with your husband
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My dear! Never - you hear? - never lose vigilance. Among the friends and alone, on an appointment and on a back seat of the car, in a drunk and sober look (though it is more best not to drink at all) - never. Just differently I will rape you. Be not
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I was given year for plunders of property. I am an ambitious woman and I don't like to depend on men and in very major company I was employed for boobs and a bottom. When I came to the chief and he looked at me, told that he can me and there will be
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I understood that life of my favourite brother in my hands, and was ready for everything only to him didn't make anything bad. I was brought to the luxurious apartment, I don't even know how many rooms were there, and all of them were simply smart. I
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Sallie went on the highway, being late, as always, for a lunch. The arrow of a speedometer passed a mark of 80 miles per hour and slowly moved further. "I hope that there are no police here. - Sallie thought, - "I and so, oh, damn, I pay so many pena
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(Based on the game Fallout II) We five together already long enough went through the desert. Water supplies threatened to be exhausted, in that case the crappy prospect to satisfy thirst of a Nyuk Coca was coming us. - The boss, Sulik again somehow b
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Clare I removed photos back in the folder. It seemed something dissatisfied. I didn't know how to return it to that short, mute scene which was played over the image of her body (and that it she, I was sure). That state to which she came at the thoug