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Ember one stood on a roadside, unsuccessfully trying to stop the car. She was quite tall girl, very slender and attractive beyond the years, despite the still quite early age. Recently she was seventeen years old though by sight she could give also a
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Operation on evacuation took place chaotically and frantically, and further just developed into flight like mad. Afterwards, beating out troops, enemies came. Nothing, neither hot summer with ruthlessly scorching sun, nor desperate resistance, reduce
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the beginning of the story -Когда everything roared around, Oksana with the daughter stayed at home trying not to approach windows and not to create excess noise at all. Andrey left even in the mor
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And here the girl of one of those guys who just made of me \"a wafer \" came. She was called Vick. She not an opisuyema was beautiful and womanly, a beautiful figure, charming legs. In secret I always wanted to meet her, but at the first year other c
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I studied in the seventh, and he did military service. The beautiful, high Caucasian, I in general liked brunettes, on it little girls go crazy. In difference from his my appearance I was the most ordinary, before nobody attention paid to me. Then I
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In the evening Madam Ksenia was come to visit by three of her girlfriends and two friends. Their cars approached the house, the servants took away them, and guests passed to the house. But before entering the house they on were stuck on me fastened t
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Chapter 1. The UNSUCCESSFUL BEGINNING of a picnic.B was succeeded to bring together last Saturday the company, for the purpose of departure out of the city to have a rest. Aleshka his girl Lenka, I and the intimate friend Sashka – escaped at last fro
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When it happened, to me was nineteen. No, I wasn't a virgin, I had an average guy and attempts of quite boring sex with it, but this case changed everything... I got acquainted with Maxim in shop of computer games, you know, now it is fashionable to
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Continuation of the story \"Gambling-debt or story with a lemon \"Проспал. I in general like to sleep longer in the mornings sometimes in the forenoon, will luxuriate in a bed, then to drink coffee. Especi
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This story happened to me that summer. I never was one at this dacha earlier, but the sister left with mother, and the father left for work. That day I especially was pleasant to myself though I always look good: low growth, the natural blonde with b
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Andre: well, I agree if of course you aren't kidding;-) Ann: here also agreed... Andre: give the adresann: write down... (***) Andre: we won't say goodbye, I already fly))) \"Sometimes the chat of acquaintances is really useful, \" - gathering, I tho
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We sat at some restaurant like cabaret. The hall shipped in the twilight was divided into small cabins with cozy sofas for two that created the intimate atmosphere. We had supper, and on the stage there was a program: singers, dancers, clowns acted.
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The story told by my her close familiar best friend. Some intimate details were added by me, and for the rest the story is reproduced for certain. Said to two little fools that you shouldn't go to the Arab country, without the person of an opposite s
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- Really you in mind have nobody? - Lida began to smoke a thin ladies' cigarette and, having released a smoke ringlet, leaned back on a chair back, - I need the boy, constraining, not having special experience of communication with ladies, really you
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Part one. Leu. She was 18 years old. The nice girl, 170 cm in height, fat, with a beautiful breast 3 sizes. A long fair hair shaded gray eyes. She studied in technical training college as the hairdresser, lived with mother, loved dogs and the Russian
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My name is Marina. To me 23 years, I live in Voronezh. A year ago I went on the village to the grandmother who is absent any more. I visited her seldom, in the summer when I had a holiday. There, on the village I got acquainted with the local guy - I
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My name is Lisa 23 years having read me all these stories I decided to write the which came true with me when I was 18 years old well we will begin. I woke up early looked out in a window beams of the summer sun caressed my gentle silky smooth skin,
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I am the beginning ballerina, I am 20 years old. I live in the small town of Russia. At school I dreamed to become a ballerina. Parents weren't minds. Oh, I look at professional ballerinas and I envy them. They have such beautiful figures, and legs m
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In the evening he came to Lea into the room, brought a bottle of cognac and many condoms. Leu I met it quietly. Though I pricked up the ears when it told about a surprise. Today the pure lust was guided by him... Part 5. New sides - Undress, leave on
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Katya was well put girl of 19 years, she was a brunette with black big eyes. A breast Katya had 3 sizes, slender, long-legged. So the short preface I will pass it to the description of history. This story happened to Katya this summer, returning from
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28.04. I begin to keep the diary because I have nobody to share my experiences, it is dangerous to girlfriends to trust, to the brother - too though I sometimes consult on him. For holidays parents go to boarding house. I would go with them too and r
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There was it in August last year. I came back home from a trip. I sit at the airport, flight is delayed for five hours. There is nothing to do. In the waiting room impossible closeness. All sit and toil: someone reads newspapers and books, someone so
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Earlier I didn't believe in sorcery, magic and other nonsense, but this story forced me to change the opinion. Everything began with a usual single campaign. I know many dense forests of the Tver region well, and the action was represented quite safe
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My very young wife is Mashenka was from intelligent family and education received corresponding. That is, I was a girl modest izastenchivy. We lived as usual, as well as all ordinary families. Had sex absolutely simply. So I understand that my Mashut
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Subway River station. Gradually teenagers began to approach the subway. Soon them already was the person 6-8. Lena stood slightly at some distance and spoke about something with Nastya, having seen. Lena a week ago, began to invite people to walks to
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The shaman slow steps, buttoning at the same time trousers, I began to approach Eve. Devushka sat, having buried in a crude floor, and looking glass lifeless eyes. As if having distracted from the thoughts, the girl lifted up eyes and slightly moving
dating 40 year old woman URB Campo Lago
In one of dank winter evenings with which in abundance the nature awarded us when there is no snow, and under legs dirt squelches, you as always came back home from work.... Having parked the car a garage you habitually entered an entrance and presse
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Alla locked Ford, turned on the alarm system and went to an entrance. After visit of fitness club and hour in a sauna she felt excellently. Now itself can make a Martini glass with juice and to relax in a chair in front of the plasma TV. - "Aunts, an
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She went on the broken sidewalk, slowly touching strong slender legs. The short dark blue skirt hardly fitted her hips. Hardly hiding strong, slightly roundish buttocks from foreign views, it at the same time clearly outlined faultlessness of forms a
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For us the man of years 40 came into the elevator. Odette he was in style американ fight, in a dark sweatshirt and a baseball cap. The gold chain thickness about the adult's little finger hung on a neck. I pressed the button of our floor and the elev
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She rather easily agreed to become the mistress of the married man. Their meetings were so bright what to complain of destiny seemed to her strange. Besides, she wasn't sure that if an opportunity to live together constantly was presented, they would
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As I hate getting up early in the morning. Lines would podrat this study. What sense to go to such wound studies if the brain continues to sleep? And today, to crown it all, it is necessary to go even earlier, than usually – predegree consultation. I
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Mother ordered for new year for the Anton the Snow Maiden and Father Frost on the house. There were 8 o'clock in the evening and they sat in the room and waited for them arrival. At last the call was distributed. - Hello! - joyfully mother told, lett
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Hello, my name is Sveta and I want to tell the story... it occurred about four years ago. Then I only graduated from school and entered the institute. I am a girl of small growth, slender, with appetizing forms. I looked always is younger than the ye
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Reddening, I faced the chief, without knowing where to disappear with shame and fear. The mistake made by me in leaving of the fax (and it in the first month of work!), I cost to firm such money how many I won't earn also for hundred lives. Even work
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Olen'ka came to school the teacher of chemistry directly from a student's bench. She was a slender brunette with very impressive breast … At the first lesson in the class she met very frank views feeling her fine figure lewd views … Having come back
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I had an unlucky working day, and I just came back home after work. This day, appear, will never end. I was excited, sweaty and tired. The only thing that I really wished - it is the long weakening shower. When I began to undress, the door in kitchen
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Hi everyone! This yours! I will tell you today just the reflections! If it are pleasant to you what I write means you want to read! I am a normal guy who adores sex.... I am the director of firm and I am engaged in construction, and I give to sex muc
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Today I was unexpectedly called by the sister of my best friend - Lena. She told that I urgently should come to them home, at them there something occurred. I was surprised that I was called not by Dima (it and there is my friend), and she. But I tol
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The yacht went the measured course on a water smooth surface. Onboard there were fifteen people of fans of lonely rest in a narrow circle and crew. Five married couples of thirty - forty years, from rather young in Russia, but already quite strengthe
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My name is Diana. This story, occurred not so long ago. Once at two o'clock in the morning, I came back from night club, naturally slightly was drunk. The Short jeans short skirt, a brassiere which very much clamps a breast, a translucent jacket, sto
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It happened on giving my parents when I was about 14 years old and I remained one from nochevy. I quite often remained at the dacha for several days, here and this time it seems everything was as always and nothing portended a trouble. It was usual w
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Full of joyful excitement, Tanya sat in the cozy hall. She only that passed the last examination. Ahead there was a summer, vacation and long ago the planned trip to the South. By noisy flocks of students, or rather, of students as in "pharmashka" th
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My first sexual experience took place when I was 14 years old. We from the far Siberian city were come to visit by our distant relative. We will name him Vitya. There were to him then 19 years. In our city at Vitya there lived his sister and every ye
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Hi, my name is Alex, here my story. I am an ordinary fourth-year student and what it is necessary to students? Money and sex. And of course neither that nor another sense was. And once I had usual cold, but the head very strongly hurt. I of course we
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I live in Kazan, I am 24 years old, call Artur. This case happened to me a year ago. I was a little drunk and very much hunting somebody the dick should be fucked even to pain, and time nobody 2 nights you won't call and you won't get acquainted. I c
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I G R ACHAST PERVAYATAK all nachinalosy it strongly was pleasant, but, knowing my fetishitstky bents, my darling made some concessions, and even "victims", a kakseksualny game in "rape" we with the wife practiced for a long time. One can't say that s
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I lost virginity in 14 years. I had a guy whom I very strongly loved, at least, to me then so it seemed. He was not such as everything, some special, but I couldn't understand in any way that to him so pulls me. Sasha was 23 years old. And me 14. All
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Hi! I am Strelnikova Elena, I am 29 years old. I will tell you a story in my not easy life. I was 14 years old. There was a summer, I put on easily on me there was a short skirt and a topic and went for a walk with girlfriends to the city, then we tu
blind date Drytown
You fasten me handcuffs to the battery in the thrown hospital... there it is dark... Only where that in the distance flashes light of a luminescent lamp... you bantit... I am your victim.... in the dark I open eyes, the hands chained terribly ache...
single women in Clairton
- Well everything the slave time has come to an end or pay or clean up. - Madam for whom to humiliate and bring up slaves earnings told. I used her services seldom, only when slave hunger drew in me and to stick to forces wasn't any more. It was oppo
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I will begin with the description of. I am not high, very fragile girl of 21 years, a fair hair, green eyes, a small breast 1-2 sizes, is the guy the student, generally the ordinary girl, the former schoolgirl of Pedagogical University nowadays the t
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Unpleasant calls long weren't, and from the last time when Aline was necessary to serve the torturers passed more than a month. There was a spring, was already warm, Alina had a fine mood. And it was unsurprising - the best time, than the spring she
dating 40 year old man URB San Carlos
- The mistress goes! - serfs shouted, taking off caps and bowing to the earth after the moving-off carriage. The young mistress of 17 years old came back to herself to the family estate after study abroad. - Well and where you stopped, the simpleton!
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Once the design institute at which my mother worked organized the next departure on the nature. Such rest called now by corporate was very popular in Soviet period. Then to me was, probably, years eight-nine therefore I well remember how we came out
blind date Isle Saint George
Different thoughts crowded at him in the head. And all, what gloomy. How he in life isn't lucky and even that he is an excess person on this, already guilty planet. Alexander Telegin, or Alex, as he was called by rare friends, half-heartedly looked i
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Part vtoraya1moskva descended on Telegin mind-blowing vanity, a chaotic steam of cars and just inconceivable sizes. After his native town with the population in 100 thousand people, the capital seemed to Alex not the city, but the whole state where,
dating en español Haynes
The young young lady who got a good education in Paris and several honeycombs of souls of serfs near Kaluga, slowly examined the live goods. - Someone such is? - young madam addressed the huge spindle-legs, with a severe look looking at the young hos
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I, smiling, I threw back the head that it was more convenient to Slope to kiss my neck. My darling already choked, but continued to mutter lovely nonsenses, like "I love you"; "You such desired" …. Having treated also favourably that his gentle hands
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Here so you live to yourself and you don't represent what wonderful service - "Pizza to Order" exists. The stuffing at "pizza" differs in special refinement, so to speak for every taste. You do the order, it is possible also by phone. But if this ser