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Passed day two, since then, as Andrey acted as the slave at Irina of the 15th summer sister and her girlfriend coeval. That day changed all life of the young man. He opened for himself something new, special. Feelings and desires about which presence
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When I died, I met god. He allocated me with wonderful force - power of love and desires. I was saved and I began to live further, I became god of love. Under my power there were such feelings as love, excitement, desire of sex. At first I experiment
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History occurred when I already was 14 years old. The best age when there is a wish to try everything, is a lot of everything the nobility and of course not to go to school at all … I sat at a school school desk and already practically fell asleep on
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On Friday Yulya called. Ania listened to her several minutes by phone, and then says: - I like it very much, but it is necessary to talk to Oleg. I will call back to you now. Borya, go to the room. I tried to overhear, but Ania specially said so quie
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Saturday summer evening, isn't present, probably, anything more boring for the 14-year-old city boy. Those friends who didn't go to the south usually parted with parents on dachas and villages. I sat several hours on a bench and didn't know what at a
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Hello! Accidentally I came across your stories and I decided to share the history which happened to me in reality. My name is Elena though more than 10 years I am Elena Pavlovna since I work as the teacher of a foreign language at school. When there
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All events of this story are real. Dialogues are given only in cases when I completely remember them. Some names can be changed. Further publications depend on rating and your responses on tbk-200@mail.ruya stayed on giving my friend. We went to drin
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The belief looked at the son of the neighbor long ago, to the guy was 18, she so wanted to try him. Vlad sat in front of the computer, read history porn, and thought, kind of cool was to potrakhatsya with what be not an adult woman, the dick stood, h
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In 16 years Lenochka was a modest, hardly noticeable, though attractive blonde. Eyes are big, blue, trustful. I wore glasses, I braided hair in an amusing tail on a nape. I studied not bad, I communicated with boys a little (though liked to make adva
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This story from earlier published, but removed at my request differs only in the fact that the name of the main character is changed to the present and to him one bonus about which it is possible to learn at the end of the story is written. - Well te
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Twilight quickly fell by the earth. Somewhere in the center of the estate in a shadow of trees the three-storyed building of ancient construction hid. From the left wing from a main entrance, as if on command, in windows of the second and third floor
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... Meanwhile the second guy began to mock at the Lenochkiny pussy in the same pose. Hoarse without excess reasonings I put her in a mouth the dirty, smelling of allocations and shit dick. He didn't even stand - contracted after sexual intercourse, a
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It was hot summer... Summer, Crimea, sea... Archeological excavations which were carried out by the world famous Hermitage and in which the small group of children from St. Petersburg was directly involved, from a classical gymnasium which already ar
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I will continue the begun story:) So, somewhere from 14 years I during every opportunity began to practice self-binding. At first I just tied the wrists and ankles to a bed, but then I wanted something bigger... At first I thought up to take clothesp
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(Continuation. The beginning - watch all stories by the author). Today Friday, and I returned from work a little a bit earlier. Already approaching the house, I felt pleasant easy excitement and guessed that my sonny already waits for me, and his pep
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I divorced the Alla in 32 years. To our little Alina there were 10. Naturally, I won the daughter. And ever since I can on fingers on a hand count and call women with whom I slept – it were couple of prostitutes during the period from spring to winte
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... Having come home, Lenochka started howling again, painting with mother about the experienced humiliations. Mother decided to address to militia, maybe, militiamen will catch criminals quicker, than those will publicly dishonor the daughter. But t
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Hello, I decided to print a part of the diary.16 of July. Mother ordered to get up on knees and to write about today's. I very strongly was guilty at the dacha. There I of course always go naked and barefoot, as well as it is necessary to the boy. An
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Hi everyone! My name is Nika. I am 16 years old. I want to tell how I was fucked by the eleventh-grader from my school.... It happened 2 years ago. I was late at school late because I rewrote physics. In general I not bad study, but this time I wasn'
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I will continue the sexual autobiography:) As I wrote earlier, binding of brought me a great pleasure and became my occupation almost for every morning... But it was not the only thing that interested me. As I understand now, brought me and gets ever
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It was in the summer. I arrived to a holiday to one of the remote small villages which the set is scattered over our country. I removed a small lodge on the outskirts of the village at the local resident – the pensioner Zinaida Mikhaylovna. I paid in
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About me. Part 4. At last business reached this part... I think that, reading my stories, many already managed to think: "really he never played with the hole?". Of course and:) Somewhere years from the 13th as I periodically am engaged in it. Anal m
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Part 1 All this turned out because of Maryana, our cranky literatorsha which started a theatrical ball. She divided us into groups, distributed texts with pieces of dialogues from different plays and ordered to learn. And then, she told, we will begi
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Up to 15 years I also didn't know what is an orgasm. And only when schoolmates too often began to argue and be praised at someone as costs and how splashes, I thought - and why at me it is possible and doesn't splash? A dick at me small - centimeters
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as from the village except us nobody communicated with it any more (and we communicated with her only because of money). In the evening we went in троём to the neighboring settlement behind a booze. When we spent on drink all our money, to be exact L
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Before beginning the story, I want to make one announcement which undoubtedly will interest and, probably, and will please fans of my creativity … I decided to write the book … I plan to finish it approximately in the second half of May, 2009. This b
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Part 2natashka avoided me now. Not to tell that we quarreled. We discussed, of course, her parting with virginity. It was proud of it to impossibility, and on the contrary all event was represented to me by a continuous pornography. Natashka patroniz
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Part 3shagaya towards school, I thought about the Earring. Yesterday, so far parents treated him, and then at supper, I everything considered him as some stranger. To put it briefly, mother is right, he is beautiful. And any not gray. Hair at him dar
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At a door Mishka - Shreds began to patter again!... Mothers!... Here Anna Gavrilovna calls!... What to tell? Хм … Anna Gavrilovna!. Teacher first mine!... To her, probably, years 25-26 … at school she three years and, apparently, right after institut
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Part 4kogda already all talk and lamentations remained behind, and I took refuge in the room, only then I noticed that I the Earring forgot at me the laptop. Some time I struggled with temptation, but it defeated me. I tightened to myself the square
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Name of the story: In ГОСПИТАЛЕАвтор: Dolzhenkov Nastyaodnazhda when I was 19 years old I was in hospital and in the next chamber the beautiful boy Lyosha lay - he was 24 years old. I fell in love with him and once I was sent to operation it was some
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There is my history. Everything is absolutely real! It happened this 12 years ago. We lived then already with mother together, without father. And summer of 1996 as I remember now started repair. What is repair - all know, a disorder, things which ar
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Parents were vigorous and cheerful in the morning, than irritated me inexpressibly. They rose at the crack of dawn, loudly went and exchanged words. Then in kitchen I zabubnit the TV, the aroma of fresh coffee filtered into my room. To me mother glan
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Working off. Word capacious and not unambiguous. Especially when not what to do and on school you go when a part of your brightly red hair cause idiotic views of tsivil. Friday at school almost nobody, I called Kent those something shouted the river,
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My photo for the eighth graduation class. The four-storeyed peeled-off building of high school, a lilac in bloom and 35 pupils in three ranks on steps. White aprons, bows, braids and Komsomol badges - 16 girls around our cool teacher, the kind and na
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- Someone there? - little Vova asked, approaching to the entrance door of the apartment. Generally he was too small, and as well as all 9 summer boys of veins with parents, but they, having left till the evening left him the absolute master of the ap
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What is sex and the intimate proximity I learned very much early. We with mother lived together in the two-room apartment. And I had the room. To us on a visit uncles often came, and sometimes I saw them in the morning, but I didn't attach it any sig
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Well generally I will begin... I Sasha am called (I am a girl) here I decided to tell as it happened at me. the case tragic can be told (for me) therefore that after this case all school considered me the whore... and there was everything so... New y
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Part 6. At once, having only seen him, I understood that Sergey very annoys. He put off to me two some boxes and began to pull together a jacket, then footwear. And I examined him and was thrilled. An earring I changed clothes. Now on him there were
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Part one. It timidly came into a class and, застыв at a door as if the marble figurine, looked down, feeling on itself tens of estimating views. Creation of unearthly beauty. Absolutely still young, fragile, the girl with surprisingly slender figure
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6 In a class briskly I discussed photos which were sold out him on 10 lari apiece by Vadik Kvaratskheliya. The couple even departed in a toilet to vzdrochnut and remove stress which collected between legs. And to be made horney there was from what: n
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Occurred this about two years ago. There was a usual summer day, as always early in the morning going to school thinking of sex:), met all friends, at school I learn that I am pleasant to one little girl from a parallel class. She was not the model b
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I was on the threshold two the floor mansion, and didn't decide to call a door. I realized that there behind it the new world, the bans, opening, passion and pain will begin. To me it was very terrible, and in too time, in a stomach bottom, warm, eve
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Part 7. I jumped up instantly, having carefully got out of Seryozhkiny embraces. Mother beckoned me for herself. - And where father? – I asked. Mother wearily carried out on the person by a palm. - He on operation. At daybreak brought couple. Childre
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"Won't you leave me?" - Ilya Read the next SMS from his girl. "My God, isn't present of course! You are the most my dear girl, the sun, I will never leave you!!!" - he Tremblingly wrote, and the truth, he so loved her as he didn't love anybody, it wa
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Part 8. At first he tried to phone to me. I lay at myself in the room and listened as my phone brings the same musical phrase out of "Night snipers" again and again: "You gave me roses, roses smelled of a wormwood …". Eventually, mother glanced and i
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This story describes the real story which occurred in Ryazan in the summer of 2002. Once I indifferently went to work without suspecting what there will be a continuation of this morning. I work not one and with friend'om (we will call it Friend), th
dating over 60 Hervey City
Dedication in the whore. A part of I.Eto occurred when to me there were years eleven or twelve. The girlfriend at me got sick, well I also went to visit. She lived far on the outskirts of the city. Houses were under construction much there. I went, l
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My name is Vasya I study and I have small problems with mathematics. To solve this problem I agreed with the teacher Natalya Andreevna to work after lessons. I will tell I a little about Natalya Andreevne-ona was slender zhenshiny 32 years with a sma
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History happened to me when I was on the 1st course KIMO still very badly knew guys, I was 19 years old. I studied very well and consequently there was no time for meetings with boys and furthermore on campaigns on clubs and restaurants. But as I hav
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Part 9. Our theater made unexpected success. The school really organized something like club under the name, of course, of "Romantic". Still "Brigantine" and something else something like that was They say, offered. There is a melancholy! But nearly
singles near me Diomede
We gathered at Oleg without special occasion, just out of boredom. He lives in the private house in the prestigious area. As usual parents left for the weekend and we could have a good time. Six people gathered us, here only guys and girls was not eq
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Hi everyone, today I will tell as I fucked the teacher. But I will begin in stages, I am 15 years old, I live the small town. Business was so: I then studied in the 9th class and we had a form-master the teacher of Russian and a litreatura, by sight
date my age Bellwood
We got acquainted with him in the pool. I was engaged in this group more than two years, and he passed to намиз other pool. To us was for fifteen years. Called him Stas. On Saturdays we had early trainings, began at 6 in the morning, and about 8 came
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In total chudesatiye and chudesatiye! L. Carrol. Alice in Wonderland. PRELUDE. Call me Vasya, and this story happened in school, the nice city of N. Uchilsya I then 10 B also were it on the eve of February 23. We at school had a volleyball section an
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Diana liked taste and a smell of the horney woman. Yes, sounds dirty … but to what to play the hypocrite? We are always brought by such things. Diana was skillful unusually. Gentle lips, a hot mouth and the flexible, teasing language. She as nobody e
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- Remarkably – I answered – I hope boys you won't disappoint me as I am very insatiable girl and to satisfy mine it am eager to be necessary for me much more than your cum, than I received just – and smiling I went to a sofa.----Anechka, the sun, her
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Olesya approached me at history lesson. As always in a short skirt under which it was possible to glance at any opportunity, and this case was presented to me..... but all in stages. She explained that she in 4 days needs to hand over history essay,
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She was mother of his friend. Not the best, but after all friend. Viktorovna. So, on a middle name, all called her, including the husband - good-natured, happy with themselves and the family, the uncle. Dimka couldn't call her so. Or rather, he said
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A few days ago we were called by the mother's girlfriend - Irina - and reported that she will arrive together with the daughter to us soon to stay for a while on couple of weeks. I knew Irina actually from the childhood, and here saw her daughter onl