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I hear your steps from far away, but I can't understand from where you will approach – fog strengthens sounds and does them volume. I need only to stand and wait. I am afraid of one - as you will find me in this sea of air moisture, but you as if are
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Lena had this day the same as well as all days, she sat one in shop of women's shoes in which worked. Because of crisis the number of customers decreased, profit fell also the owner of shop that I suggested to dismiss nobody him to work with the work
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The huge lurid engine one by one threw out into the hot hot-blue Peruvian sky black smoke spheres the person on duty hand in a clean white glove so far, giving a signal, didn't pull a bell lace. The locomotive joyfully answered with sharp beep, havin
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Lena recovered after a strong orgasm which it got having nestled facing footwear of other woman and inhaling aroma of her panties. She got up, made toilet and began to place shoes in the places. Placing she thought of what happened to her, again and
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The small plywood two-engined plane turned second day over darkly green sea of the jungle. The desperate tarakhteniye of kerosene engines scared away motley loud birds when the ancient aircraft decreased over the next glade. Maria indifferently looke
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I was brought into the small room - two walls, a door behind the back, a huge mirror before me and a chair in the middle on which I took seat. The way to this room was long, from the very beginning of a way (in the meeting place) to me tied with a sc
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At sunlight, with surprise the Creole for the day following after the exhausting transition celebrated, ancient ruins looked not less mysteriously. Darkly gray, partially showered and corroded wind ruins were densely covered with tropical plants. Fro
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When the priestess Taliriya left the house of the landlord, twilight was already condensed. Again visit of the demon, and again as a result corpse, already the fifth. The truth the priestess couldn't but recognize that now Saramorongo's family will b
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In group of a ball time of a day dream, the teacher with the nurse sat in kitchen and stirred. All children slept. Only Valerka didn't sleep. Irka's bed stood nearby, judging by breath she didn't sleep too. Valerka pulled to himself Irkino a blanket.
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In the evening before closing in library there were only two persons. The worker of library Veronika Aleksandrovna, the woman of years 45 dressed in the fitting trousers and a blouse with a jacket. The girl of years 16 by the name of Alyona was other
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1Ya I got acquainted with her in Babylon cafe, not the top class, but to me it was cozy there. I sat alone at a table with a cup of coffee waiting for friends when it approached and told: - Hi! Don't you mind if I sit down here? Manya Stasya call, St
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Hi, my name is Alexander. I want to share with you history which happened to me and my girl Yulya several months ago … I think, it is worth beginning with the short description of the main characters. To me 23, I high, it is sports the put and very n
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This story began with the fact that once in the middle of August I was called by the girlfriend living in other city, and by the voice which isn't suffering objection told: "on August 28 at six o'clock in the evening you have to be on a camp site "Th
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At last this crazy week ended. And together with her pleasant, but accidental sex. I waited for Natasha, tonight she had to return from a business trip. In spite of the fact that in a week I changed several partners, thoughts were only about it, my f
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1. Prodannayamenya my best friend sold. We agreed to go to the fortuneteller, but Natashka was late, I stood fifteen minutes on a stop when she deigned: - Sorry, Alyona, business such, I will be late on a half-hour. - Well we agree, Natka! – I was in
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Liana... I repeat this name to myself every day within already four years. Every time when I think of her, in me two beginnings wake up and fight: gentle, sublime, forces me to admire her, to love her, to extol; and animal, demonic - in the head vari
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5. Madam Helenmy found her on a terrace where she had a rest, reading some romanchik. The daughter Mrs. Parter was the tall beautiful forty-year-old woman dressed in black shorts and a red undershirt. A black thick hair, a wave the falling-down on sh
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In the room it was already absolutely dark and only from the street light of lamps got into windows. We from Mashenkaya lay on a bed and talked. I returned recently and to us was about what to talk. We stirred somewhere since morning. At first just s
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8. I, AYLIN And ЛЕСЛИДни continued to fly. Madam Aylin celebrated anniversary of our meeting. Celebrations special weren't, us was only three: madam, I and Lesley. Lately she absolutely accustomed with the role of the slave and whores. And even compl
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Early in the morning, as usual I, unwillingly, rose from a bed. I put notebooks and books in the backpack whether usually I even noticed those books and those notebooks I lay down. Then I approached a mirror, carefully I combed a hair, it was sprinkl
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TWO SOULS of IIPREDANE of OLD TIMES Glubokoy1druzhinnitsa of Zoryan, the red busty maiden, sat on a porch of a log hut and sharpened a sword. Actually, the sword was ground wonderfully well and didn't need sharpening more. But the girl needed any jus
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Hello dear readers, and especially readers!!! My name is Albina, I am 29 years old, a good figure, a magnificent breast of the third size, black, wavy hair and green eyes! I want to begin the story with what from teenage age attracts me to girls. I h
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At the first year, I got acquainted with Natasha. She is extraordinary - is graceful, clever, with fine sense of style. I could tell many words about her. This such person with whom heart fades when she passes by. And I somehow with her made friends.
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The girl of mine braty came back home tired how ten dogs. Having thrown a handbag on a bedside table, I passed on kitchen to make myself coffee. And suddenly I heard some rustle in the room. "I didn't understand!" - I was surprised and I opened the d
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Party. On November 9 my friend Sergey had birthday. I naturally was the invited people in the forefront. There was a sea of alcohol, beautifully laid tables, quite good desserts. All guests quickly cheered up, and the party in honor of a birthday tur
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CHAPTER 5. The remained days passed at Ekaterina in vanity before the end of the week. She went to make out visas on embassies, then planned a trip route, rang round and visited a set of travel agencies, didn't find yet that in which it accepted trip
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Truly abysses heavenly yawned. Roads turned into the clay rivers, small streamlets which in dry weather and you won't notice, turned into the violent streams which are forcing down from legs of a horse with the rider. It was impossible to move furthe
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Once we with my best friend, decided to have a rest. Went to my country house, took a little food and champagne. Day was solar, and we went down to sunbathe to the lake. I very carefully and tenderly rubbed her fine body with oil for suntan. To some
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CHAPTER 7. Katerina arrived freshened up after the holiday, had a rest. She took away from girlfriends of the slaves. This weekend, she decided to organize at herself a hen party to share impressions of a trip. Ekaterina called Boris Mikhaylovich. -
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After Pashkiny "adjustment" their silvery "Porsche" died out exactly through three kilometers from our gas station. Estimate, winter, night, the empty route … and three suckers in the died-out car. Or rather, sucker and two suckers. I as at gas stati
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Most of my acquaintances goes to a bath on Fridays. And in our company it developed so that we go to a sauna on Thursdays. We come hours to eight and we leave at the beginning of the first. Business at all the therefore next morning it isn't necessar
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ESTHER – The EMPIRE of PASSION (Part 1) the Story in style of Hentai. The empress Esther last time with a force stuck fingers into damp flesh of a bosom of the mistress, stuck her on a mouth rough we will kiss, suppressing groans of pleasure. Having
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ESTHER – The EMPIRE of PASSION PART 2 the Story in style of hentayimperatriyets and her telokhranitelniyets just stopped making toilet when the knock at a door sounded. The entered girl in an express form with bow handed to Esther the dispatch. Havin
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CHAPTER 9. In Ekaterina's life the new stage began, but now she was only the slave of cruel Madam deprived of civil rights. After a week of mockeries and beatings it made on Olga donative on all the inheritance. And Olga decided to humiliate the slav
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CHAPTER 10. Into someone to turn Ekaterina, Olga didn't solve yet, for her was the basic that her bewitched competitor and the former Madam, became her slave again. Olga decided to banish her on all stages of slavery. After Katya's will was broken, s
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Vacation at the sea, as usual, didn't take place without adventures. And though nothing portended a trouble, the sun of Sun City also fried everything, the sea everything also rustled, and Kimika-san everything also investigated bars of the city, me
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Desire labyrinth. I love Kazan, I like this city, there is a truth seldom and only on affairs here. And this time I went in general at random. Did you have acquaintances on the Internet? – then you probably will understand me. I fell in love. I fell
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Diary of the director. Ch.7. Twin. And here, at last, with a sinking heart, I waited for the train. In a few minutes the structure had to approach the platform, and I internally adjusted myself on that Natasha didn't understand that I changed her all
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..." - you Know, I dreamed to get acquainted with FtM...Female to Male, generally long ago. If it is even simpler - it is when the girl feels as the guy... she isn't just sweet lesbian, and almost the guy - her thoughts, feelings and feelings men's.
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I am 27 years old, the beautiful, slender brown-haired woman. It happened when I was at advanced training courses. I was lodged with the pleasant lady of years 35-36, I noticed at once that she very much looks after herself, a hairstyle, manicure and
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Hello! My name is Tanya, I am 23 years old and now I will tell you about a real story which happened to me. Business was in May. We, with my best friend Nastya very strongly quarreled and it very much oppressed me. It is necessary to tell that I was
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There was it when I studied in the ninth grade. To us in school of a prisla of the new teacher of military preparation Alexander Stanislavovich Meybakh. To him was where that years 35, he was high, thin with disgusting moustaches and a vacant tin sol
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This case occurred in several days after we reconciled with Nastya. In University, on a big change, Nastya left, without having warned me and when she returned told that after couples we should work. On couple she told me in what business. Though we
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I woke up about five o'clock in the morning from what was awfully thirsty me. I got up, found sparkling water in the refrigerator and began to remember what occurred yesterday. Suddenly on a floor I saw Tan's panties which yesterday with desire I sme
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Parallels. Children.23.48. Balkonnastya and Vika crept on a balcony, trying not to touch the drying things. Heart both awfully beat, hands shivered a little, because of hardly constrained laughter all the time didn't gasp and, appear, that just about
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Chapter 8 Tatyana alternated Therapy with sex use to occupations yoga and physical gymnastics. Having read the books bought by chance on apportions and having found out there a lot of various and interesting information which as she considered, can b
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Anyuta is a slender blonde of 20 years. Lovely and gentle, she studied on the 3rd course of the university. The honors pupil, the clear head, the beauty with blue eyes - generally an ideal of the natural blonde. Her breasts of the 3rd size demented n
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1 Nikki knew that there will be a rain – she was always interested in weather when she left far. But that such?! It was the whole hurricane, then before doomsday! The solid wall of water faced car, "janitors" didn't cope, no more than two meters were
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Hi, give gets acquainted? My name is Tanya, it is possible just the Tat. And you? You answer that you are called Vera. That very encouraging name. You suggest to exchange photos. Well ж. I send. On a photo you see slightly plump brunette with a bust
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Part - 1 This story, I decided to write according to Irina. I describe her words. And so I will begin the story about how I the first time (tried) the woman, it always gets if to speak about myself, then I, am made horney, about a turn floor. I have
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It occurred in a week after purchase of a strap-on, on Saturday too. We with Nastya woke up, licked each other, I wanted to be washed, but Nastya stopped me. For the night she put to be downloaded the pornofilm and now, in the morning, wanted that we
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Katerina lived alone with 2 slaves: Tanya and Oksana. She named Tanya by Suka and Oksana Shlyukhoy. Katerina introduced many rules on behavior of slaves: 1 to call only her Madam, 2 never to raise eyes from a floor, 3 always to answer and much still.
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On the street it was solar and warm. A little faded greens of trees rejoiced to the last rays. Vika left an entrance and went to native school. She studied in 7 "In" a class. Everything pleased Vika around, she represented a life in pink. The girl st
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Tanya and Katya had a rest in sanatorium. They were lesbians and looked for the girl at whom they could mock. But vsedevushka, vacationers were occupied here and him itself didn't manage to pick up the girl for pleasure. At last girlfriends were luck
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My local therapist lovely and charming lady of 35 years. The snub-nosed blonde I always looked at her and quietly sighed about herself. She such glue and sexual, I always wanted to feel that at her there between legs! Ah these foolish conventions ….
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Magnificent summer day, and I with the girlfriend Galochkaya was, decided to escape from city bustle, to have a rest and bathe a little bit. Packed things on a minimum, jumped in the car. There were we with the Daw of the girlfriend "don't pour water
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With approach of spring we, with Nastya had rules which were thought up by Nastya and for which we constantly each other punished. Nastya constantly supplemented these rules and edited, and I just tried to observe them because all of them were wildly
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The head the 119-year-old girl climbed steps in theater. There was a sunny, warm day, the sky was absolutely clean and shone blue. The girl was called Olya, she celebrated final about three months ago and now as in the city there were only universiti
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I often think of other women around me. Really it I one such "wrong", dissolute in practice and in thoughts the dirty bitch? My lived experience prompts that it isn't present. All of us are such, just it isn't enough which of us met that or that befo
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There were about three o'clock in the morning when I suddenly woke up from noise in a bottom in which penthouse was my bedroom, very well missed noise not only from the lower part of the house, but also from the street. I lived alone parents built th