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The bear was by the window and watched her leave... He looked through snowflakes at the removed silhouette and suddenly thought... "And that, if She really the last, as this last snow". He for some reason decided that this snow the last... The bear w
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I read many stories from this website, all of them different, but in many respects they are connected together. About a year ago, when my close friend DIANA had birthday, by her then 16 years had to be executed, she invited me after a birthday to rem
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Approximately in a month Igor called me for work and asked: how do I treat the idea to go to fishing with spending the night this weekend? I told what is positive. My wife was very happy that I with the brother-in-law have friendly relationship. Beca
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I noticed him at once. Out of the corner of the eye. Probably, I worked for years the trained radar somewhere in the head. It stood at some distance from an entrance to shop. Not really far and not too close. Exactly at such distance to manage to fin
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- Hi - I heard behind the back and I turned back - my name is Cap. And you are probably Nick? - Yes - I told - hi Cap. I it also presented you to myself. - It was the truth. The cap of well and precisely described when we communicated with him in a c
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It is a real story of the first sexual experience between me both my best and only friend - Sashka. At that time to me was 17, and to him - is one year less, we knew each other 10 years, but still all sex consisted only in mutual masturbations, we we
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Your day. When reading I advise to listen "To the etude A flat major" Chopin. Chapter 2 "A water jet and a cum" He costs excited, enjoying hot water jets which powerfully beat his elastic breast and streaming fall down on a stomach, and then envelop
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This story took place in the summer of 1995. I then was 24 years old. I had a good friend Sasha, is younger than me, he at that time was 19 years old. I perceived him as the boy, and he me - as authority, the senior friend. He was an absolute hetero,
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Passed thirty years, and I still see his eyes, huge and clear blue eyes of George Dawson, his smile which always seemed to me too cute, and I hear his modulating laughter. I often remember how in the summer we competing in speed rushed by old bicycle
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This story not than not usual doesn't differ. And the speech in it will go about the ordinary Moscow fellow. There were to Oleg then 18 years. He grew at the nice friendly and cheerful guy. Living in the apartment with parents, the only joy which to
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It is fine to have friends. Always it is possible to rely on the friend or: almost always. I know the friend Sashka approximately since seven years. And though he was always younger than me for two years he to me the true friend. Time went, and we ma
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With all the heart I hate this city. His dullness and dryness kill me, and every day something dies inside. I was met requirements by people. Their persons splyvatsya in one big colorful spot. I rummaged eyes on crowd, and in heart the strange hope h
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From Sasha. Our history didn't end. It on the contrary got absolutely unexpected turn. I just thought, to share with somebody, to get advice, and in general, to look at your reaction. But the further our adventures came, the more was from you letters
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Hello, Vera Petrovna. You be not surprised that I write YOU. I learned everything today. And where Sashka learned, and all the rest too... As dexterously all of you arranged! And the city another, though for 50 km, and another. And the apartment with
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The train as if an ogromadny worm disappeared in a tunnel, the rail roared wheels on joints. Evening, the Moon furtively peered at movements of this monster that penetrated the mountain, creating the incredible number of noise. Without understanding
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My friend works in theater as the lighter. Participation of my friend in the history the most minimum so his name doesn't matter. And so, my friend called me to himself on change to look for free at a performance after which we intended to drink a bo
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It happened one hot summer, on a visit at my friend. In what occasion gathered - I don't remember and it isn't important. As there was a summer, to the people gathered a little - the main shots were someone on vacation someone at the dacha someone el
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In last story (Pornofilm) I told about how I was deprived by virginities. And so, I went to study to other city. I studied normally, but desire again to feel the woman simply burned me. I bought a heap of lingerie and carried almost always only femal
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Well, here you are also not in our city. In it and so was пустовато, and now... I aimlessly wander about streets and in the head only you! And a figure more - 727. What it would be not necessary me, I will count to unit. Even if you change, I will be
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The train was late at the whole o'clock, and now when this hour approached the end, I decided to come to the platform not to make the way then through crowd of the alarmed passengers in a general rush who rushed on a meeting to the suitable train. Gr
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The summer for me was always associated not so much with the sea and sand how many with the old house in the village which remained from the grandfather. It, perhaps, was the only place where I received the real high from rest - a magnificent smell o
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Today to me there was something absolutely special. I had to go to one tenant of the apartment to East Berlin, to Likhtenberg. There at us the house on Emmanuelstrasse in which we lease apartments and as there eternally there are some problems to res
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This story to me was sent in 1990 then by the resident of New York Ilyyusha L. Action occurs in Soviet period, to year in 88 as I can count (Ilyyusha said that he wrote it on fresh impressions, and then "I developed". In this story it is also Vladik)
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My history on it didn't end. Yulka persistently didn't contact. Day, two. For the third day I after all reached, after the message to her mails. - Yulya, you take offense at me? - And you as think? - But I honestly don't deceive you. Everything that
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You don't judge strictly - It is only recovery from the crisis. No someone will think and no someone will decide that we can't do it..................... You when be saw as after a rain, droplets direct to the earth running on a tree trunk. I know yo
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It is devoted to my dear Ampere-second. A. Outside there was a fall, the beginning of October. The prolonged Indian summer wearied to a shower not clear desires. The smell of rotten leaves excitingly tickled nostrils. The nature died, having flashed
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INSTEAD OF the PREFACE (a fragment from the letter): "Hi, Shurka!... I went to the village recently, touched little girls there, and there are no guys, alas... Your stories about "adventures on the beach" so bring me that I even on them jerk off! I w
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Hot water slowly flew down on his naked body. Thirteen-year-old Jef was in heaven from the warmth which captured him. The beautiful child with black as night curls, green eyes and the smile forcing everyone to fall in love with him. Water was spilled
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The matter is that I not really well play chess. I am forty years old today, and I still didn't learn to play this game. At that time about which I want to tell me was years 13, and to the friend my Zhenka 16. After school, as usual except lessons th
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And here the door is closed. I sit down on a chair, without knowing what to expect. It comes to me behind, also his hand bends, sliding on an undershirt, reaches a belt. My dick tries to get up, but close swimming trunks brake him. His cheek touches
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He fell asleep, but woke up when the bus suddenly came out to the bumpy mountain road. He lay a cheek on something soft and warm, and a breast - on something warm and firm. On the rear platform of the minibus where they lay a vpovalka, swung and shoo
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I devote to the tenth anniversary of acceptance of a dick in a mouth... There was a month May. Already in all of a pearl greens also turned green, flowers, a star blossomed and burned the sun. I finished the second year of institute. I finished hardl
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I don't know, costs, or isn't necessary, or not - costs. And just like that for ANDIK. Something, all the time seemed to me or only it seemed. I love boys, they love me. To me it was heavy, my mother loved very much me and preserved, tried to grow up
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Glory... I am beautiful, stately, with magnificent, black moustaches. His look bewitched and forced to submit. We got acquainted on the beach. There was a wonderful hot day. In the downtown as always it was even hotter and therefore the idea to go to
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Having somehow pulled out still a warm goose carcass, Olezhka right there, on a bag, the hands still shivering tried to tear out several feathers. The biting blow of a lash stopped him. - For diligence I praise, for dullness - here to you still! The
dating virgo man Edwards Crossroads
That year everything developed to strangeness prosy. the 12-year-old son went almost for a month to the school camp and we remained with the husband in the empty three-room apartment. I already anticipated some pleasures of family pastime which can't
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Morning came on June 16. This day I will precisely remember well. Night I almost didn't sleep, worried. In the late afternoon I nearly changed the mind, but Yulya convinced me again that should be tried. I decided. To mother I told that I will be lat
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Maxim always considered himself the absolute heterosexual and at only one thought that he can indulge in love caress with the man to him it became feel ill at ease. He couldn't understand people for whom it was the same, than for him there was a prox
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My acquaintance somehow told me: - You such sexual and men have to lie stacks at your legs! But nevertheless I am terribly lonely and I practically have nobody. And as long as I could remember, so was always. But desires overflow and imaginations dem
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I want to tell you the strange story which happened to me and changed all my further life. I am 32 years old, is externally very pleasant, well it isn't so important in this situation. The main thing the fact that I all the life unforgettably loved w
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If someone doesn't know how I am wild about sportswear on very young boys, listen here... Today after some break I decided to go to technical training college again. And as came too early, I could turn some time at mechanics whose shops were in the s
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I want to tell you a story which happened when I was 10 years old. There was it still when the entrance to cinema was only 10 kopeks, pioneer the camp and there is a lot more what for children. And still I will tell it to you exactly as she to me was
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I devote to my friend Zhekekak me it was boring and lonely that day. The small scan a dalchik the day before with mine fight-frendom, the next nervomotka on a carpet at the chief. Nothing foretold good and this evening. I went in the opelk after the
dating apps for women South Of The Border
To admit I didn't think that sometime I will tell it to somebody, but many years later after those events something inside terribly itches... There was it in the city of XXX long ago, I studied in the 9th class of high school, and we will directly te
meet women near me Tularosa
I left Moscow at night. The Almaty train departed in the second hour. The feelings of depression and otioseness presented by the capital made departure long-awaited. What lovely was Sashka in August when roses smelled of a circle and in lilac clouds
local singles West Bethel
I, thought, and didn't think, so walked the streets and looked at passersby. What will be when time comes, - the madman's thought. What won't be when time passes, - the idiot's thought. And at me, just All thoughts were gone at once. I only believed
dating over 50 Caney Valley
Norman Whyte glanced in the plan for day and smiled enough, today he had a meeting with the new programmer, the fellow of years of twenty two. Reflecting on whether that will agree to oversleep with barefoot, Norman approached the mirror standing at
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I want to tell about a story which happened to me when I was 15 years old. Once the girlfriend of my mother invited me on a visit, to look after her little daughter. They with the husband gathered for a funeral of some distant relative and didn't wan
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January 3. And I generally also didn't prepare for it. Somehow spontaneously everything turned out... Just I took a trunk and I waited for it before school. To Lech of yours.... And now here I am sorry... He - that unless is guilty? In what? That I l
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I will tell you several stories which happened to me in my youth and which changed my life. History first. There was it long ago. I still was a fourteen-year-old boy. Our family was small - I, my elder brother and our mother. We lived quietly in smal
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There was a hot summer day, I loafed on the city, without knowing where to go. It was boring for me. The most part of my friends parted for vacation, and those that remained to me already bothered. To anybody, without treating anything, dispersing du
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When I still studied at school, each summer vacation I went to the village. To me then was years 15. Also to the village there came my cousin, he was younger than me for 2 years. Around us there was a marvelous nature, I remember this time with delig
transgender dating Park City
The head to the pervayena there was nothing surprising that at Vanya Rassudin on the right hand where she is brief, passing into a shoulder, - there was a birthmark in the form of a triangle, or in the form of heart if it seems so to the reader more
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Time to tell a story about me and my friend Sasha came. We are familiar and therefore between us a relationship of steel of too personal character long ago. We studied together with it in one group at the university. As he came to our group he was pl
dating older women Roslyn Heights
And what love, and in what a love secret? Periodically I ask myself the same question. And as ball I don't find the answer. Perhaps it is absent simply, the answer of it to this question. He costs and looks in emptiness. He thinks, but about what his
dating 50+ Whiteclay
He lies on a bed having spread the legs. His wonderfully well-muscled body shines, he likes to rub himself with cream. His small nipples stick out waiting. His fine legs are spread, the dick lies between them in an anticipation of pleasures. He he is
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Suited me in therapeutic office of local hospital. The main building was two-storeyed. The first floor - reception, a little bit skin, and washing, native therapy at once. On the second floor - surgery. As now I remember year of construction: 1897. Y
transgender dating San Juan Pueblo
Morning. As it is good, earlier morning when sleepy parents gathering for work, grumbling and being scolded bring together you in a garden. Him it is simple not to you if only to send the intolerable child to the Zoo for children called the Garden an
dating 50 and over Tower
We lived near the city park, and I very much liked to walk there. Once, when I was already decently run on footpaths, representing Chingachguk or some forest robber, I was impatient on - big, I ran in a public toilet. There was nobody, cabins were fe
dating en español Rochester Mls
We go along the deserted street early in the morning. Time about four hours. We go slowly, without hurrying. We piffle and drink absinthe from a throat. It is still cool in the morning, but the clear sky, means will be hot in the afternoon... Suddenl